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Warehousing and distribution centers are fast-paced physical hubs, continually storing and redistributing high volumes of goods. Harness video analytics to both thoroughly and digitally analyze your brick-and-mortar operating environments for the first time.

Work with VisualCortex to boost security, safety and operational efficiency. Identify, log, monitor, notify and act on the people, vehicles, objects, incidents, behaviors and movements critical to your organization and its supply chain partners: From tracking and preventing theft, to reducing workplace accidents and improving productivity.

Automate Surveillance

Loss prevention and shrinkage management are omnipresent concerns in the warehousing game. Use machine learning to monitor your video feeds, detect and report anomalies, suspicious behavior or theft-in-action. Track vehicles stopping at high value locations, including loading docks, freight yards, pallet and goods storage areas. Detect unexpected movement with motion analysis, such as vehicles loitering, entering facilities or tracing perimeter fencing after hours.

Improve OH&S Protocols

Never let dangerous events go unnoticed again: Use video analytics to programmatically track and enforce compliance with safety regulations. Automatically detect, log and trigger notifications about dangerous activities, occurrences and non-compliance, including people loitering in restricted areas or blocking loading docks, vehicles accidentally entering pedestrian zones, missing safety gear, or fallen items obstructing clearways. Instantly identify and warn workers about hazards, such as smoke, fire, chemical spills or electrical faults. Review incidents over time to identify patterns, such as consistently poor manual goods handling practice. Then, take those learnings and change processes or deliver extra employee training to mitigate the risk of future transgressions.

Real-time Incident Alerts

Sometimes you need to drive real-world action – fast. Spark automated notifications when time-sensitive incidents occur, including:

Perimeter breaches: When vehicles and people enter the premises after hours

Hazards: When dangerous occurrences, such as smoke and fire, are detected

Malicious dwelling: When vehicles or people loiter around the warehouse perimeter, storage units or loading docks outside normal business hours

Theft and vandalism: When assets are damaged or items removed from the premises by unusual means

Proximity breaches and overcrowding: When capacity limits are exceeded for busy zones (like loading docks) or workers come into close contact with machines or vehicles

Abandoned objects or locations: When items are left unaccompanied or workstations that require constant staffing are left unattended

Injury: When motion analysis indicates that an injury may have occurred

Optimize Your Operations

Analyze patterns over time to optimize a range of activities and processes, including freight flow, visitor and facility management. Map foot and vehicle traffic to pinpoint your busiest loading docks, ailes and floors. Then improve layout, signage and stocking practices to reduce wait times for customers, overtime charges as well as shipping and loading delays. Help facility operators optimize inventory management by detecting misplayed items fast and determine the root cause – Process flaw, break in protocol, or theft. And, reduce your ongoing security costs by programmatically reviewing video for specific incidents – across any number of cameras and sources, to find desired footage in seconds – not hours. Improve staff productivity, safety and security while reducing manual monitoring requirements.

Enhance COVID Safety

Continuously monitor your video streams for COVID-19 compliance, automatically detect infringements and take corrective action fast. See that social distancing is adhered to, personal protective equipment is worn, density limits are maintained and deep cleaning is conducted. Support thorough and fast contact tracing efforts too by programmatically searching video streams for infections individuals or COVID-19 infringements.

*Disclaimer: Outcomes described and depicted are illustrative in nature. Learn more.

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