Behavior Analysis
& Tracking

From understanding brand sentiment to preventing violent incidents.

Behavior Analysis & Tracking

Behavior analysis and tracking with computer vision

The ability to interpret human behavior captured on video has a number of benefits in commercial, safety and surveillance contexts. Computer-vision-enabled behavior analysis leverages a number of machine learning algorithms to produce accurate inferences, including dwell-time analysis, eye gaze detection and pose estimation, as well as mood, motion and posture analysis.

Analyze and track behavior in the physical world to gauge reactions and detect suspicious or violent behavior in real-time; while maintaining individual anonymity. Uses include:

Security Video Analytics


To detect dangerous, aggressive or suspect behavior in order to prevent and mitigate incidents or injury.

Video Analytics for Retail


To determine customer responsiveness and engagement with advertising, products and services, as well as overall brand sentiment.

Law Enforcement Video Analytics

Law enforcement

To find potential suspects and accomplaces as part of post-incident investigations.

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