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Why business analysts love VisualCortex

Finally. Now you can treat video content as any other data source. Seamlessly integrate video-based data into your reporting and analytics mix to help power your business past the competition. In fact, our all-you-can-eat model means you can harvest as much data from your VisualCortex-enriched video as you want. Use and re-use the data captured in your video for both live and archival footage.

Business Analysts
Configure your cameras to detect and report as many events and incidents as needed – from people counting and social distancing, to dwell times and automatic license plate recognition. Then, share the data outputs with the business via intuitive reports and dashboards. Even plug-in your favorite BI platforms and combine your video data with other data in your organization to gain more comprehensive insights and deeper analytics.
Build historical analysis, based on archival footage, or perform real-time analytics on live video streams. Easily set-up and add new cameras, sites or edge devices to your VisualCortex environment to enrich and analyze more video as business appetite grows over time.

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