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Why management teams love VisualCortex

You know the value of capturing and interrogating accurate data. That’s how you run your business – from financial forecasting and customer attribution models, to service delivery metrics and CRM analysis. Harness the power of video analytics to generate actionable – and previously unseen – information about your video assets. Exploit video-produced data streams to reveal fresh business insights that increase the profitability and competitiveness of your operations. And, underpin smarter strategic decision-making by analyzing aggregated video metrics over time.

As for the VisualCortex Video Intelligence Platform itself? It’s infinitely scalable, always secure, and empowers your data experts to produce all the video analytics you need – without making your eyes water when you’re invoiced. Better still, your development team can lean on our support services to ensure you don’t get stuck at the proof of concept stage. The VisualCortex ecosystem also brings a depth of subject matter expertise, relevant industry experience and delivery capability to our customers. We have the industry experts and regional coverage needed to accelerate both your rollout and your time-to-value.

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