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You’ve put a lot of time and money into building and maintaining your surveillance network. Don’t let those resources go to waste. Use video analytics technology to automatically analyze your existing video feeds and repositories for objects and actions of interest. Capture more incidents than ever before, drive faster action, and reduce your manual monitoring costs

Automate Monitoring

Today, security teams and companies are drowning in surveillance video. It’s impossible to manually monitor all available footage; let alone do so accurately. In fact, it’s estimated that after 20-minutes of continuously reviewing security video, people miss approximately 95 percent of incidents (Police and Security News). Harness video analytics technology to automatically detect, identify, log and track incidents, objects, actions and people of interest.

Drive Real-time Action

Enable security personnel to act swiftly with real-time incident reporting and alerts. Easily define events of interest – from unauthorized access to restricted areas, perimeter intrusion and after-hours loitering; to break-ins and vandalism – and automatically notify security staff. Successfully prevent suspicious behavior from transforming into costly and productivity-disrupting crimes such as property damage and theft.

Centralize Intelligence

Stop working in silos of information. Programmatically search across any number of video streams and repositories for particular people, vehicles, objects or types of crimes – no matter where you’re located or the video files are stored. Even integrate surveillance footage with other security platforms and processes to expose new intelligent insights, which security staff and facilities managers can act on.

Assist Investigations Quickly

Harness automated video search and recomposition capabilities to find and share evidence fast – for police investigations, court proceedings, liability or insurance claims. Search across multiple video repositories, from multiple cameras and sources, to pinpoint specific incidents on-the-fly. Then, automatically stitch those frames-of-interest together to create one highly-consumable video synopsis of the required footage.

Optimize Your Operations Cleverly

Forget manually trawling through hours of footage to find incidents. Adopt video analytics technology to streamline and repurpose your security workforce. AI-enabled video analysis can also drive-down insurance costs and litigation expenses by reducing time needed to lodge claims and compile evidence. Integrate video analytics with other operations applications, such as access management and lighting control systems, to streamline operational processes and expenditure more broadly. And the best part? Simply use your existing cameras and infrastructure.

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