Video Analytics
for Banks

Drive customer engagement, protect your assets & streamline operations.

Optimize physical investments and leverage
in-branch interactions

Safeguard your people, branches, ATMs and discover more about your customers


Physical banking assets represent both high-value targets for criminals and untapped sources of customer insight. Use video analytics to reduce reliance on manual security methods and trigger automated alerts when suspicious or criminal incidents are detected.

Analyze in-branch footage to validate promotional campaigns, help develop better products, improve staff rostering, training and customer experiences.

Enhance Customer Experience

Convert your video surveillance network into a treasure trove of customer insights. Apply AI-smarts to existing cameras to generate a range of valuable customer activity analytics: Measure footfall across branches to help optimize customer service. Analyze queue lengths, wait times, and ATM usage data to establish if additional services are required. Count branch visitors and monitor time-stamped foot traffic data to align staffing rosters with peak demand. Map the flow of customers within bank branches – and their emotional response to in-store displays – to improve space utilization and assess the effectiveness of marketing campaigns.

Improve Loss Prevention Safeguards

Safeguard bank assets and customer funds with video analytics. Detect and mitigate suspicious behavior at ATMs, including cash harvesting and installation of skimming devices. Alert surveillance teams to long ATM dwell-times, particularly those involving multiple or no transactions, to enable quick investigation and device removal. Reduce the amount of time to identify and stop fraudulent activity: Set-up alerts on new accounts with low check numbers and monitor teller stations for departures in protocol. Further, prevent in-branch accidents and reduce liability by detecting and acting on hazards such as spills and breakages.

Harness Integrated Insights

Search and filter multiple video streams, from multiple sites and sources, in real-time. Analyze all your video assets in one place to identify objects and actions of interest on-the-spot. And, integrate AI-derived video data with third-party sources and systems to unearth valuable insights and untapped correlations. For example, link suspicious transitions to time-stamped footage at ATMs and branches to assist swift investigations. Or, connect marketing data with data derived from in-branch video feeds: Assess customer reaction to product displays and promotions, across multiple locations, and optimize campaigns accordingly.

Optimize Security Practices

Monitor all video feeds and programmatically detect incidents in real-time. Automatically notify security when defined parameters are met, or objects and actions are detected, to facilitate real-world action. Identify, track and communicate suspicious activities or potential dangers – such as loitering (people), idling (vehicles), potential weapons, unattended objects or sudden degradation of camera vision (which may indicate tampering) – and act before the situation escalates. Detect, log and notify security about unexpected motions, which could signal aggressive behavior, assault or vandalism to assets such as ATMs. And, protect the safety of your staff with automated hazard detection (smoke and fires) and intrusion monitoring for high-security zones and activities – from cash exchanges and transfers, to vault access, or opening the night deposit box.

Streamline Your Operations

Improve efficiencies and increase business productivity simply by harnessing your existing cameras and video networks. Reduce manual security requirements – while significantly bolstering your ability to detect and respond to incidents – by automating surveillance across multiple locations and video streams. Monitor staff productivity and footfall to ensure customers are served appropriately and internal protocols are followed. Count and track customer numbers over time to optimize staff levels. Produce visitation heat maps to help property managers optimize branch layouts and services offered. Even ensure unstaffed banking facilities meet internal benchmarks by mapping customer experience and safety against pre-defined thresholds. And when customers forget documents and cards, enable identity authentication, deposits and withdrawals at ATMs using facial analysis technology.

*Disclaimer: Outcomes described and depicted are illustrative in nature. Learn more.

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