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Applying video analytics to retail settings helps improve a range of practices, including product promotions and placements, store design and merchandising, theft prevention and inventory management, as well as resource utilization and OH&S compliance. Then, blend video analytics insights with other data sources – from store location, to date and time information or temperature – to reveal profitable correlations and sales drivers.

Inventory Management

Out-of-stock products cost the global retail industry almost US$1 trillion in sales each year (IHL Group). Harness video analytics and existing in-store cameras to automatically detect product gaps on the shelves or in the storeroom and alert staff that replenishment is required.

Theft Prevention

Pinpoint suspicious activities, patterns in theft behavior, and add security measures to combat them. For customers, configure alerts for loitering, self-serve check-out abuse, shoplifting and vandalism. For staff, detect internal shrinkage, fraud, and non-compliance with loss mitigation policies (cash-handling protocols etc).

Layout Optimization

Track customer behavior, dwell-time and flow around physical stores to identify patterns that boost sales and increase the quality of customer service. Help improve storefront effectiveness and design, staff positioning, product placement and mix, as well as general merchandising.

Campaign Optimization

Drive more effective marketing campaigns in-store and online. Monitor the impact in-store promotions have on foot traffic, dwell-time and purchase patterns. Even track store traffic analytics in real-time to make up-to-the-minute optimizations. And, map store-level video data back to online promotions to assess efficacy.

Staffing and OH&S

Improve resource utilization and customer experience by matching foot-fall data with staff rostering. Keep customer queues short and attentiveness high. Easily monitor responsiveness and compliance – from the time it takes to clean-up potentially hazardous spills, to social distancing and other COVID requirements.

*Disclaimer: Outcomes described and depicted are illustrative in nature. Learn more.

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