Detect Abandoned Objects

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Detecting abandoned objects with computer vision

Unattended objects can spell imminent safety hazards and serious security concerns. AI-driven abandoned object detection empowers you to pinpoint discarded items and trigger real-world action to mitigate threats in near-real-time. Using computer vision to automatically identify and define abandoned objects involves leveraging a number of separate machine learning models, including Object Detection, Object Localization, Object Classification, and Dwell-time, as well as configuring condition-based communications to alert personnel.
Detect Abandoned Objects
Many industries use video analytics to identify abandoned objects – which are left unattended in specific areas, for predetermined periods of time – to trigger security protocols, conduct evacuations, notify authorities and activate emergency procedures. Core use cases include:
Security Video Analytics


Detect and act on abandoned luggage in public places, buildings (shopping centers, hotel foyers, hospital waiting rooms) and transport hubs (airport lounges, train station platforms, bus terminals).

Ensure Safety and Compliance


Identify fallen items and objects blocking clearways, as well as abandoned work stations.

Law Enforcement Video Analytics

Law enforcement

Assist missing persons investigations and prevent would-be crimes by detecting abandoned objects and vehicles.

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