Object Search

Tracking objects throughout footage and across video sources.

Object Search

Search for objects using computer vision

Harness re-identification (Re-ID) capabilities to effectively detect and track a specific person, vehicle or item across multiple video frames or sources. Object Re-ID is a computer vision technique used to monitor the movement of the latter. Reliable Object Re-ID relies on the ability to not only identify different instances of the same object, but instances of different objects from the same semantic class (eg: distinguishing between one chair and another chair).

See our People Search and Vehicle Search pages for more information on person Re-ID and vehicle Re-ID. Popular computer vision use cases for Object Re-ID include:

Manufacturing Video Analytics


Track an item from the start of the manufacturing process to the end, in order to validate production volume and the accuracy of each step.

Security Video Analytics

Person & vehicle tracking

In real-world scenarios, people’s faces are obscured and license plates hidden.Tracking material items across different video feeds, which are present in particular scenarios, can act as secondary mechanisms of identification when searching for specific people and vehicles.

Warehousing Video Analytics


Track the movement of stock around a facility to assist with inventory management and locate misplaced items.

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