Intrusion Detection & Proximity Warnings

Maintaining safe and secure operations with video analytics.

Detecting intrusions with computer vision

Apply AI-driven event detection capabilities to standard CCTV surveillance cameras to identify, log and trigger real-time warnings regarding intrusions and proximity breaches. Leverage deep learning algorithms to detect when a person, vehicle or object enters a defined zone at particular times – either in isolation (intrusion detection) or in relation to the relative position of other objects, vehicles or persons within that zone (proximity detection).
Intrusion & Proximity Detection
Automated intrusion and proximity detection technologies are often used to keep workers safe in transportation and manufacturing settings, as well as protect assets and infrastructure across a range of areas. Examples include:
Commercial estate Video Analytics

Commercial real estate

Shopping centers, office buildings, warehouses and venues can implement ‘line crossing’ techniques to protect premises and assets – trigger alerts when perimeters are breached after hours to track objects, people and vehicles across multiple sites and cameras.

Manufacturing Video Analytics

Construction, manufacturing
& mining

Automatically detect and alert operators to safety issues or violations in real-time – and trigger emergency shutdown protocols if required – such as workers getting too close to moving vehicles, active machinery or areas under load.

Hospitals and healthcare Video Analytics


Apply ‘line crossing’ analysis to track the whereabouts of vulnerable patients – such as those undergoing psychiatric treatment or care for degenerative cognitive conditions like Alzheimer’s diseases.

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