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Bringing video analytics to the enterprise

Bulldozing the barriers to success

When it comes to performing meaningful video analytics, the barriers to entry are typically prohibitive – in terms of cost, accuracy, cohesion and flexibility. See how VisualCortex is changing the game and doing the heavy lifting for you. Securely and efficiently run production-level machine learning on our platform – across any number of video streams and sources – to detect any number of objects for any number of business use cases. Discover how to operationalize and monetize your AI-driven video initiatives today. The VisualCortex Video Intelligence Platform’s core capabilities and features include:

Centralized video asset management

For real-time and archival video

Easily connect to any number of cameras and video repositories – be they real-time streams or archival footage. VisualCortex’s comprehensive video asset management module enables you to automatically identify and add cameras on your network, or plug-in any video source you need, including third-party VMSs and NVRs.

Identify, add and group new cameras and edge devices within your VisualCortex environment in minutes. Easily configure the AI-enabled events you want to capture on each video feed or camera – from directional count or dwell-time, to number plate recognition. Automated monitoring also notifies you about any issues with cameras and edge boxes in real-time.

Centralized video asset management
Harvest your data

Define your events, harvest your data

Any incident, use case, or model

Harvest data from your footage, and integrate it into your enterprise reporting and analytics, with our expanding library of Machine Learning (ML) models.

Apply your models and configure the specific events you care about – such as people counting, dwelling, social distancing and license plate recognition. When conditions are met, an incident is logged and event data is created.

Trigger real-time actions in response to specific incidents and analyze captured data to reveal fresh insights over time.

Real-time incident detection,
on-the-fly video investigations

Manage cases in real-time and search for similar occurrences over time*

When incidents are detected, event data is created and a case is logged. This allows you to take real-time action and perform up-to-the-minute analysis. You can also undertake historical analysis to find similar incidents over time and identify trends: Search across multiple video sources and programmatically compile all frames-of-interest in one highly-consumable video synopsis. Even search the same video assets for different incidents and attributes to generate additional insights.

Drastically reduce the resources required to review video footage for patterns and create compilations of repeat occurrences – from certain customer reactions, to on-site safety breaches, or security incidents over a defined period of time.

*Case Management is a forward looking feature on VisualCortex’s Product Roadmap and is not commercially available today.

Real time incident detection

Dashboards and reports

From video to data, insights and action

It’s one thing to generate data from your video. You also need to act on it. VisualCortex empowers you to quickly build and share actionable analytic insights.

Use our suite of out-of-the-box reports and dashboards, export data outputs into your favorite analytics solutions, or work with VisualCortex’s partner network to enhance your reporting capabilities with specialist analytics packs and data enrichment services.

Easily perform real-time analytics on live video streams to optimize day-to-day business operations. Build strategic dashboards, based on aggregated video metrics, to facilitate data-driven decision-making over the long haul.

Reports and Dashboards
Real-time Alerts

Real-time alerts, real-world action

Automated emails, SMS & dashboard notifications

Enable your people to act by pushing video insights throughout the enterprise in real-time. Trigger a range of alerts when live data exceeds pre-defined thresholds or unexpected video events are detected.

Whether it’s reporting density limit breaches, traffic accidents or near-misses on the production line, drive real-world action with automated emails, text messaging and dashboard notifications.


Out-of-the-box. Third-party. BYO.

We know that building and sourcing reliable and accurate machine learning models is hard work. That’s why we’re creating a network of computer vision experts for you to tap into. Not only does VisualCortex provide the robust platform you’ve been searching for; we also have an extensive model store to help you to turn your video analytics aspirations into production-ready solutions.

The VisualCortex Model Store provides a space for customers, partners and independent machine learning experts to share and monetize computer vision models. Bring and build your own on our platform, leverage VisualCortex-trained models, or apply third-party content to your video footage with our models-as-a-service offering. All content on the VisualCortex Model Store is vetted for quality and fully supported.

Model as a Service
Same camera multiple use cases

Same cameras, multiple use cases

Move beyond surveillance & point solutions

Video truly is the new data frontier – so move beyond basic security and single use case applications. VisualCortex works with commodity hardware and does all the AI smarts for you: Easily configure your existing cameras to detect and produce advanced analytics about multiple events and incidents – from people detection and motion analysis, to vehicle counting and traffic flow analysis.

Don’t limit the potential of your computer vision initiatives by undertaking complicated camera-side analytics and restrictive single-purpose solutions. With VisualCortex, you can launch your video analytics projects quickly and inexpensively, while making it simple to detect, track and act on new objects and actions as required.

Integrations and APIs

Push video data to your favorite databases and produce integrated insights

The ability to produce analyzable data from your video is hugely powerful. Kick-it-up a notch with our integrations and APIs: Seamlessly pipe your VisualCortex-derived video data anywhere you need it – from data warehouses like RedShift, BigQuery, Azure and Snowflake; streaming data platforms like PubSub, Kinesis and Kafka; to operational apps and workflows.

Combine your video insights with third-party data sources to unearth fresh intelligence that will drive your business forward. Whether it’s making smarter real-time decisions, or analyzing aggregated video data to underpin long-term planning, unleash the potential of your video with VisualCortex.

Integrations and APIs

Deploy anywhere, fast

Your cloud, our cloud, on-premise, or hybrid

Forget the restrictive implementation methods and prohibitive costs that railroaded early computer vision projects. Make video analytics accessible and actionable throughout the enterprise with deployment options to suit your security needs, budget, use cases and infrastructure set-up.

Enjoy the benefits of a fully managed service in the VisualCortex cloud, deploy in your own cloud environment, or take an on-premise approach. And, take advantage of edge processing to slash bandwidth requirements.

Highly scalable, always secure

Any number of cameras, servers and sites

By harnessing the latest cloud infrastructure, edge workloads, and complying with robust data privacy and security standards, VisualCortex delivers the reliable and scalable architecture you need to underpin your enterprise analytics initiatives.

Add any number of real-time and archival video sources and cameras, including third-party VMSs and NVRs. Embrace the best of cloud infrastructure to reduce costs and quickly scale your compute power as required. And, keep your options open by processing your machine learning models on the edge for maximum efficiency and security. That way, you can manage sensitive footage in the cloud or behind your firewalls; the choice is yours.

Scalable video analytics platform
Installation & configuration

Set and forget

Easy installation and automated updates

Spin-up your VisualCortex environment with ease. Simply run the VisualCortex Installer to activate your instance and enjoy automated updates to your chosen configurations and models. Point and click to set-up and add new cameras, sites and edge devices any time. We also integrate with a variety of authentication providers to support single sign-on.

Built-in monitoring pushes key usage metrics straight to your inbox (number of users, active models, volume of data), while automated notifications communicate any issues with your environment to selected recipients. And, failover protocols ensure minimal downtime and disruption to video transmission and analytical insights generation – even if your primary servers crash.

Pricing that works for you

Design your own plan

VisualCortex is all about lowering the barriers between your enterprise and the benefits of video analytics. So we have constructed customisable user plans to include everything you need, and nothing you don’t.

License and service tiers

License & Service Tiers

With VisualCortex, never pay for what you don’t need: From packages for small, medium and large deployment, to customized pricing for specific business use cases.

Cloud hosting

Cloud Hosting Options

Fancy the advantages of cloud storage, but without the complexities managing your own environment? No trouble. We offer fully managed hosting options to suit.

Tagging services

Partner Tagging Services

Creating meta tags, to underpin video analytics initiatives, can be time-consuming. Engage our automated image labeling partners to get production-ready fast.

Data Enrichment and Analytics Packs

Data Enrichment & Analytics Packs

VisualCortex comes with standard reporting and analytics packs. We also work with a variety of partners specializing in data to help extend your analytical outputs.

Technical requirements

Assessing your video analytics readiness

We’re always focused on lowering the thresholds for producing powerful video analytics to ensure you get the most from the VisualCortex platform. Our team can help assess your existing hardware, infrastructure and video sources to help ensure your video analytics experiences gets off to a flying start.

Whilst our platform does the heavy lifting, there are four main factors for you to consider:

Compute power

Compute Power

Ensure your VisualCortex instance and your own infrastructure delivers the power and responsiveness needed to support your business demands.

Installation & configuration_Red

Installation & Configuration

VisualCortex is the world’s best plug-and-play Video Intelligence Platform. But, we’re also here to help. Work with us to achieve optimal set-up & customization.

Connect to any video stream

Video Stream Connectivity

VisualCortex works with almost any video stream or repository. Just ensure your cameras and VMS outputs an RTSP, MJPG or HLS stream. We also support ONVIF.

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