Object Counting

Automatically log and tally the
number of objects in your footage.

Object Detection and Counting

Counting objects
with computer vision

Apply machine learning methods to recognize and count the instances in which particular objects appear within each frame of footage analyzed. Harness machine vision to automatically count objects appearing in defined areas, conditions and contexts within your camera streams.

Popular applications include:

Manufacturing Video Analytics


Product, parts and box counting to help automate and monitor manufacturing processes.

Directional Count

Traffic analysis

Automatically detect and count vehicles entering and existing particular scenes, roadways and car parks to assess usage.

Security Video Analytics


Log vehicles passing checkpoints and people entering restricted spaces or secure facilities with strict capacity limits.

Crowd Control Video Analytics

Crowd management

Know how many people have entered or exited venues and events to help manage capacity limits and crowd safety in real-time.

Video Analytics for Retail


Reliably measure foot and vehicle traffic to determine visitation and visitation patterns over time.

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