People Counting

Automatically log and tally the
number of people in your footage.

People Counting

Counting people with computer vision

Use standard surveillance hardware to automatically and accurately count the number of people in a defined area in real-time – without the need for specialized cameras or individual tracking devices. Popular indoor and outdoor uses include:

Video Analytics for Retail


Understanding the number of customers entering stores during particular days and times.

Smart Cities Video Analytics

Smart cities

Monitoring the usage of public spaces and facilities to understand trends in demand.

Security Video Analytics


Track the number of people entering a building or area in real-time to effectively manage capacity and density limits.

Transport Video Analytics


Count the number of commuters by service and time of day to understand utilization patterns.

Security Video Analytics


Monitor people entering restricted or high-risk areas.

Stadium and Event Management Video Analytics

Event management

Track crowd size and understand traffic flow in and out of a defined areas to prevent overcrowding and preemptively manage bottlenecks.

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