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As hoteliers and hospitality operators, we understand your thin margins and reliance on repeat patronage. Drive superior customer service and loyalty by applying analytics to your video assets. Detect and enforce service and cleanliness standards, pinpoint and act on hazards as they happen (like spills), and keep your venues secure with automated monitoring, incident detection and alerts. Analyze patterns over time, and integrate video data with other customer analytics, to find new insights that drive more effective promotions and deliver better experiences.

Ensure Safety & Compliance

Adhering to internal and industry health standards is fundamental to safe operations and happy customers. Video analytics can help enforce cleanliness standards as well as safety protocols. Automatically detect departures from employee hygiene checklists (absence of hairnets) or cleaning schedules (kitchen scrub-downs or room check-out services) and take corrective action. Review historical footage to unearth trends, patterns of behavior or non-compliance over time. Computer vision can also pinpoint dangers to guest and employee safety; such as spillages and poor manual handling practices. Detect smoke, or the ignition of a flame, and trigger notifications that enable staff to act before a fire actually starts. Afterall, just triggering your sprinkler system can damage assets and disrupt service.

24/7 Security & Surveillance

Reliably and efficiently monitor large, multi-location hospitality venues. Ensure the safety of your guests, staff and on-premise assets without the usual price tag. Automatically monitor, catch and log internal misconduct and external security incidents. Deter and follow-up employee theft and vandalism. Detect and prosecute non-staff incidents, from guests stealing towels to pick-pockets operating in your hotel lobby. Many hoteliers and hospitality operators survive on razor-thin margins. Intelligent video surveillance gives you an economically viable option to deliver superior safety at your venues without compromising profitability.

Integrated Insights and Ops

Deploy AI-powered video analytics on commodity hardware to produce intelligent insights. Automatically search all available footage, from any source or number of streams, to detect, track and act on any incident in real-time – from notifying police about suspected thieves, to redeploying staff to help manage the breakfast rush. Detect partners over time, make predictions about future trends, and plan accordingly. For example, you might review facilities utilization across multiple sites to optimize staffing rosters, cleaning times and maintenance schedules to minimize disruption. Or, integrate video-based foot traffic analysis with demographic data and accommodation records to determine the popularity of certain events, services and marketing campaigns on different customer segments. Even embed video analytics into other systems to further streamline day-to-day operations, such as automated access control to restrict areas based real-time facial analysis.

Enhanced COVID Compliance

Hospitality venues and hotels have been cruelled by COVID-19. Assist the reopening process and restore guest confidence by programmatically monitoring COVID-safe practices and triggering real-time instructions to staff. Track guest numbers to ensure compliance with venue and facility capacity limits. Supervise traffic flow and density to prevent overcrowding and help guests comply with social distancing regulations. Deploy staff to manage queue lengths, bottlenecks at reception, and enforce mask mandates in real-time. In addition to proactive alerts, analyze dwell-times and the flow of foot traffic over time to reveal where overcrowding occurs and adjust venue layouts or operational procedures to reduce it.

Drive Real-time Alerts & Actions

Don’t just generate insightful data about your video footage; systematically act on it too. Trigger real-time notifications to staff, security or management. Respond to suspicious activities (unidentified individuals loitering in the lobby), criminal incidents (property being removed from the premises), or reprimand poor employee performance in real-time. Also use capabilities such as face matching and automatic license plate recognition pinpoint returned customers and VIPs, in order to drive personalized engagement.

*Disclaimer: Outcomes described and depicted are illustrative in nature. Learn more.

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