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Transport networks and providers manage complex environments each day. Servicing and relying on large volumes of traffic, to operate profitably, means incremental performance enhancements are critical. Discover how transport video analytics delivers the improvements needed to maintain high service standards and strong ROI.

Service Optimization

Harness video-based insights to streamline operating costs and enhance passenger satisfaction. Optimize staff rostering and service delivery based on usage data and passenger demographics. Anticipate peak network strain by correlating video footage with other predictive data sources, such as weather and broader traffic analysis. Then, preemptively adjust service frequencies and staffing levels to suit demand and reduce likelihood of delays.

Safety Improvements

Managing commuter safety is complex. Deploy video analytics to help detect, track and address hazards, suspicious and criminal activities, as well as potential misconduct. Alert employees to spillages in high-traffic areas. Track objects across multiple cameras to determine abnormal behavior. Even correlate in-vehicle and dash-cam footage with vehicle performance data to monitor driver conduct.

COVID-safe Protocols

Ensuring passenger safety is of utmost priority for public and private transport providers in the pandemic age. Utilize video analytics to detect, track and mitigate the spread of COVID-19, including: Monitoring facemask compliance, using people counting to limit congestion, and enabling social distancing with proximity identification. Even use heat mapping to improve the flow of foot traffic around stops, stations, airports and other major transport hubs.

Incident Detection & Alerts

Transport providers and agencies have strong existing camera networks for safety and asset monitoring – especially at major terminals. Leverage that infrastructure to facilitate video analytics that automates incident detection and triggers follow-up actions. Manage and mitigate a range of incidents, including fare evasion, trespassing, vandalism, intrusion detection and line crossing, as well as accidents and assaults. Analyze patterns over time and implement new policies, staffing arrangements or layout designs to reduce the likelihood of future incidents.

Crowd & Traffic Management

Transport providers – such as rail and airport operators – can manage the flow of foot traffic to reduce overcrowding, commute times and potential for accidents, while increasing engagement between travelers and retailers. Easily identify hotspots and movement patterns to ensure service efficiency, passenger comfort and safety. Transport departments, road and bus operators can harness existing cameras to detect, track and act on factors that impact overall traffic flow – from lateral vehicle movements, incidents and accidents, to signal cycles and the proportion of over-sized vehicles utilizing the network.

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