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The agriculture industry is forecast to spend over four billion dollars on AI technology by 2026 – up from around one billion in 2020 (MarketsandMarkets). So, it’s little wonder that operations teams and agritech engineers are continually discovering new ways that AI-driven video intelligence can optimize agricultural practices.

Deploy video analytics to programmatically monitor the health of herds and crops, maximize yields and optimize operations – from the routes autonomous farming vehicles take, to the irrigation and
harvesting strategies you choose.

Optimize Yields & Animal Monitoring

Whether it’s beef or dairy farming, you can deploy video analytics technology to automatically monitor the health of your herd. Track grazing patterns, calving or cows in heat and immediately notify farm technicians and insemination specialists about key events or abnormalities that require action.

Monitor the health and hardiness of your crops over time to inform better irrigation, fertilizing and harvesting schedules. Harness these insights to improve the quality of your produce, optimize price and maximize revenue. Even forecast the future: Predict and identify pest infestations – before they ruin crops and spread to new ones – to minimize pesticide usage and preserve yields. And, conduct AI-driven yield mapping to predict the quality of different crop types for available farming land.

Optimize Processes & Machinery

Farmers have to monitor and optimize dozens of human and machine-led processes across vast acreages. So making incremental improvements can mean big savings. Analyze available video feeds to identify inefficient patterns and tweak processes accordingly: Use heat mapping to track and optimize the routes of autonomous farming vehicles like smart tractors and agribots, or perfect milking, feeding and cleaning schedules. Monitor equipment usage to determine when predictive maintenance is required, reducing the likelihood of break-downs and lost productivity. And, optimize irrigation, fertilizer and pesticide strategies to driven-down costs and maximize yields.

Produce Integrated Insights

The agricultural industry is at the forefront of the IOT movement. Harness feeds from all available video sources – security cameras, drones, dash-cam or onboard footage from driverless farming vehicles – to produce the most intelligence insights possible from your computer vision efforts. Then, integrate video analytics data with third-party information – from in-ground sensors and thermal-sensing cameras, to infrared imagery and core farm management systems – to reveal untapped correlations. Detect overheating agricultural equipment and prevent ruptures or fires. Optimize supply chain timings to ensure more of your best produce makes it to market. And, conduct eerily accurate crop simulation modeling: Combine your video analytics efforts with crop management data, weather and soil information to determine the optimal practices needed to drive maximum yields – from planting schedules to fertilizer mixes.

Safer, Leaner Operations 24/7

Farming is a margins-based business, often relying on optimal productivity to remain profitable. So, do more to safeguard your business using your existing cameras: Apply AI smarts to standard commodity hardware to give your people, assets and infrastructure the protection they need. Enjoy always-on perimeter and site monitoring that triggers alerts when any ingress is detected. Deter thieves and reduce the likelihood of crime impacting operations. Also analyze incidents of theft, vandalism or intrusion over time to pinpoint patterns or adjust security mechanisms accordingly. Farming and agriculture centers are high-traffic operations. Identify and track all third-party traffic going in and out of your sites to reduce liability by capturing incidents that contravene compliance standards or result in damages.

Enable Real-time Alerts & Action

Harness VisualCortex’s event triggers to receive automated notifications about time-sensitive incidents. Get the up-to-the-moment information you need to act fast in case of emergency – whether it’s saving crops from fire or animal intrusion, or protecting your produce and equipment from would-be burglars. Identify trespassers with motion detection and deter them by sending automated alerts to operational systems that trigger alarms, spotlights and dispatch security personnel. And, report hazards as they happen – such as tractor rollovers and machine malfunctions – to ensure emergency responses are taken.

*Disclaimer: Outcomes described and depicted are illustrative in nature. Learn more.

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