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With dozens of entries and exits, as well as tens of thousands of patrons, stadiums and large venues have unique management needs. Use video analytics to automatically monitor key spaces and customer behavior to facilitate both real-time responses and better data-driven decision-making. Reduce your reliance on manual security and surveillance by programmatically monitoring your video feeds to detect incidents, risks or hazards as they happen. Match foot traffic and usage with turnstile data to better-target both your services and spectacles.

Detect What Security Can’t

Stadiums and large venues are vast in size and complexity. Ensure you never miss a thing with video intelligence: Automatically monitor any number of video feeds, from multiple sources and cameras, in one place. Use technologies like behavior analysis, vehicle recognition and incident detection to programmatically pinpoint specific people, vehicles and actions-of-interest throughout your site – such as identifying and ensuring banned spectators don’t re-enter the venue. Apply exception reporting and density analysis to spots hazards and emergencies (like spillages and crowd crush). Or, leverage motion analysis to pinpoint suspicious or aggressive behavior. Then, trigger real-time alerts to notify security, law enformemcent or emergency to prevent or mitigate injury, vandalism, assaults and even acts of terrorism. And, programmatically search across the entirety of available video to quickly compile footage of incidents to assist post-event prosecutions, insurance claims and determine liability.

Identify Revenue Opportunities

Generate data-based insights from your video footage to expose a treasure trove of valuable information. Transform your video systems from cost centers to profit centers with video analytics. Analyze aggregated video metrics over time to help enhance customer experiences, deliver profitable new services, and demonstrate value to stakeholders: Review the popularity of different food, beverage and entertainment options to determine in-demand services and forecast the success of new ones. Capture real-world demographic data about your patrons, their movements and behaviors to build granular audience profiles that facilitate smarter decisions. Run more effective advertising campaigns, schedule better-targeted events and performers, and sign more profitable leasing agreements with retailers. Even share data on customer volume, preferences and trends with third-party vendors so that they too can optimize profitability with more effective staffing, stocking and promotional strategies.

Streamline Your Operations

Achieve more than just security outcomes with your cameras: Streamline how your venues are run and used. Firstly, you can drastically reduce manual monitoring and surveillance requirements by using video analytics to automate the whole process. Use facility utilization data generated to optimize maintenance and cleaning schedules. Keep your premises sanitary and orderly, while reducing costly facility breakdowns. Track the flow of fans around your sites – from nearby public transport routes, vehicles in your car parks, to patrons inside the venue. Detect and alleviate bottlenecks, overcrowding and the formation of large queues to improve customer experience and use your resources more effectively. And, analyze video data over time to underpin future planning decisions, renovation works and new construction projects.

Enhance Safety

The safety of your fans and patrons is always priority number one. Complement your broader security efforts and safeguard the wellbeing and comfort of your customers with video analytics. Automatically count and monitor traffic flow to detect and reduce overcrowding, prevent bottlenecks and alleviate choke-points near fire escapes, entries, exits and elevators. With dozens of entrances, it’s often difficult to know where your resources are required. Observe trends in entry and exit point activity – both live and in real-time – to open, close and change staffing to redistribute crowd density and improve footfall patterns. Detect and predictively respond to emerging situations: use posture and motion analysis to detect injuries, sudden movements and surges in crowd numbers, which might indicate the beginnings of a riot. Quickly alert security, law enforcement or emergency services and automated notifications and efficiently coordinate dispatch with real-time data analysis. Reduce the risk of injury, and your liability, by automatically detect potentially dangerous behaviors and taking preventative action: Harness line-crossing and dwell-time analysis to identify when people enter or stay in unsafe areas for too long – such as loitering in stairwells or leaning against railings on the edge of sharp drops.

Be COVID-safe

If we’re any chance of returning to the pre-pandemic glory days of packed concerts and sporting matches, stadiums and large venue operators need to make people feel comfortable. Use video-generated data to implement and enforce strong COVID mitigation practices. Monitor face mask compliance, regulate crowd density and flow to maintain social distancing, and automatically count patrons to adhere to occupancy limits. Even trigger on-site signage and announcements in real-time to reinforce COVID-safe expectations.

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