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Why sales and marketing teams love VisualCortex

Today, digital sales tactics and marketing campaigns dwarf their analogue counterparts. Why? Because they’re trackable and optimizable. Know what works, what doesn’t, and continually perfect your activities until it’s all gravy. But, what if you could finally generate granular data-based insights about the physical world too? Enter video analytics.
Sales & Marketing

Unearth and act-on your biggest untapped source of data: Video. Reliably and scalably track real-world activities and behaviors for the first time. Connect video-generated insights with third-party data sources and systems to expose the customer journey to new light. Apply these insights to loyalty programs, promotions and Point-of-Sale data to create truly tailored customer experiences.

Even integrate video and business data with external data sources – like weather reports, seasonal events, public transport timetables and more. Holistically understand how, when, why and who engages with your products and services like never before. Unleash the data-based insights of your dreams with VisualCortex.

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