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Video is the new data frontier

Transform your business with enterprise-ready video analytics

Video is today’s biggest data-mining opportunity. Up until now, efficiently generating reliable insights – which solve real-world commercial challenges at scale – has been all-too-hard.

VisualCortex’s Video Intelligence Platform connects machine learning models with a production-ready cloud-based environment that turns your video assets into actionable data.

Our platform provides the artificial intelligence smarts, governance and usability. You bring your standard infrastructure, commodity hardware and video – from any stream, camera or repository. Together; we’re making it possible to produce, analyze and act on video insights at scale.

Object Detection

Never miss a thing

Detect, track and act on the objects and actions that matter

Video Intelligence Platform

The power of a platform

Any type of video, number of sources, use case, or industry
Harness models from multiple sources

Models from multiple sources

Out-of-the-box. Third-party. BYO.
Enrich your video insights with other data

Enrich your video insights
with other data

Treat your video as data;
unleash its potential

Real time action

Real-world events,
real-time action

Immediate insights and
automated alerts

Democratize your video data insights

Democratize your
video-based insights

Video analytics isn’t just for the
data scientist


Deploy fast

Quick and painless roll-out options
Keep control over your data

Keep control over your data

Your data belongs to you
Ethical AI

Ethical AI

Because trust matters


Enabling deeper insights, faster action and better decision-making
for any video-rich environment

Industry Gradient

By Industry

From transport to retail, commercial real estate to car park management, and everything in-between.

Use Case Gradient

By Use Case

From counting objects and conducting dwell analysis, to identifying incidents and triggering alerts.

Role Gradient

By Role

From operations managers, marketing and security teams, to business analysts, developers and ML experts.

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VisualCortex is where the world’s computer vision community comes together to deliver amazing AI-driven video analytics experiences. Get the technical, industry and geographic support you need to succeed.


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Implementation & Services

Leverage our data, video and ML services partners to deploy and optimize your VisualCortex experience fast.
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Data Integrators & Platforms

Enrich and embed your video-based insights into third-party apps and operational workflows.

Technology Alliances

Collaborating with the industry’s best means our platform is as performant and intelligent as possible.
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Industry Alliances

Harness our ecosystem of subject matter and industry specialists to produce the video metrics and benchmarks that matter.

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