Motion Detection
& Tracking

Pinpoint and follow movement.

Motion Detection & Tracking

Motion detection and tracking with computer vision

Computer-vision-aided motion analysis is the study of locomotion and trajectory as it relates to a particular object, person or vehicle. It combines a number of individual machine learning techniques, including Object Detection, Objection Localization, Object Segmentation, Object Tracking, Motion Detection and Pose Estimation.

It’s used across a range of industries to pinpoint, log, monitor and act on things such as running, sudden changes in speed, sudden or unexpected movements, change in direction and proximity detection. Popular applications include:

Law Enforcement Video Analytics

Security & law enforcement

Detect, log and notify security about unexpected motions, which could indicate intrusion, aggressive behavior, assault or vandalism to assets.

Hospitals and healthcare Video Analytics


Use motion detection, posture and facial analysis to continuously monitor the movements and actions of high-risk patients – from those receiving intensive care, to those undergoing psychological treatment – for signs of distress.

Ensure Safety and Compliance


Detect and warn workers who breach pre-defined proximity rules by getting too close to moving vehicles, operational machinery or other workers.

Video Analytics for Retail


Track customer movements around physical stores to identify patterns that boost sales and increase the quality of customer service.

Transport Video Analytics


Manage the flow of foot traffic to reduce overcrowding, commute times and potential for accidents, while increasing engagement between travelers and retailers.

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