Posture Recognition & Analysis

Lying down on the job.

Posture Recognition & Analysis

Posture analysis with computer vision

Use video analytics to accurately interpret human forms and categorize them into known postures – from sitting to standing. Apply deep learning algorithms and harness human pose estimation to track known postures across video frames. Combine elements of motion and dwell-time analysis to track transformations between postures (falling down) and the amount of time that elapses between those posture-changing events. Posture recognition in video analytics is used in a number of common ways:
Automate Monitoring

Security & surveillance

Pinpoint suspicious behavior, such as crouching for extended periods of time.

Ensure Safety and Compliance


Detect poor ergonomics in the office, bad manual lifting techniques on the shop floor, or forceful repetitive stress movements on site.

Hospitals and healthcare Video Analytics


Detect potential emergencies such as falling, slumping, or lying down in unexpected locations.

*Disclaimer: Outcomes described and depicted are illustrative in nature. Learn more.

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