Object Classification
& Segmentation

Finding and categorizing
variations on a theme.

Classifying and segmenting similar object types with computer vision

Using the techniques of semantic segmentation and instance segmentation, you can identify and label all the pixels in a video frame that relate to a particular type of object (semantic segmentation). The next step is to be able to recognize, uniquely identify and label different instances of the same type of object (instance segmentation).
Object Classification & Segmentation
For example, semantic segmentation gives us the ability to determine that there are dogs in an image and segment that object from others. Instance segmentation then allows us to determine that there are multiple types of dogs within a frame, segmenting and categorizing them as sub-variants of the same object type.When it comes to video analytics, popular uses of object classification include:
Manufacturing Video Analytics


Automating tasks on the factory floor and monitoring output on production lines with computer vision requires the ability to detect and segment objects as well as categorize multiple objects of the same type.

Video Analytics for Retail

eCommerce & virtual retail

Enables shoppers to test different types of make-up, try-on clothes, and even upload pictures of outfits and automatically trigger a catalog search for similar garments.

Car Park Management Video Analytics

Self-driving cars

Use pixel-perfect labeling to detect and distinguish objects from each other – such as identifying lanes, pavement, other vehicles and pedestrians.

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