Our Mission

To make video intelligence
accessible and valuable for all video-rich industries and business functions.

Our Mission

Making video data actionable in the enterprise

As the world’s best Video Intelligence Platform, VisualCortex provides the stability and scalability to productionize computer vision technology for the first time. Unlike camera-side or point-specific solutions, VisualCortex can be used for any video analytics use case in any industry.

VisualCortex connects any number of video feeds and repositories to any number of machine learning models within a production-ready and cloud-based environment. Our purpose is to transform your video assets into analyzable streams of data, reliably delivering disruptive insights to everyday business decision-makers.

VisualCortex is a plug-and-play platform that ingests video footage (live camera streams and archived footage), which allows users to define events (directly in the video feed images) that they would like to identify and monitor for immediate action and analytics. They can also combine this event metadata with other data elements for more holistic insights. Examples of this include trends, behavioural patterns and anomalies. This event data can be stored and used for insights, dashboards, performance scorecards, case management and future references.

Low Barrier to Entry

Lowering the barrier to entry

Opening-up a world of possibilities

VisualCortex works with almost any video feed or repository. Just ensure your cameras, Network Video Recorder (NVR) or and Video Management System (VMS) outputs an RTSP, MJPG or HLS stream. We also support ONVIF to make adding cameras from compatible devices as quick and painless as possible.

The VisualCortex platform provides the stability and scalability you need to deploy video analytics solutions in production environments throughout the enterprise. It also enables you to run multiple different machine learning models on the same footage and hardware, meaning you can produce video analytics about multiple use cases quickly and inexpensively – from incident detections and people counting, to object search and motion analysis.

Delivering real value to business people

Transforming video into analyzable data

Until recently, machine learning has been shrouded in mystery – especially when it comes to video analysis. Finally, the VisualCortex platform provides the intuitive interface and out-of-the-box reporting needed to change the status quo. Empower non-technical people to understand and act on insights derived from computer vision throughout your business.

Easily define the analytical events that matter to you, producing data streams capable of facilitating both real-time operational analysis and strategic reporting. Then, combine the structured video data produced with any other data sources in your organization to produce previously impossible business insights.

Delivering Value to Business
Creating a community

Creating a community

Sharing video analytics expertise

We know that demystifying computer vision is critical if we’re to increase the accessibility and commercial viability of video analytics technology. That’s why we’re building both a marketplace and partner network.

The VisualCortex Model Store enables organizations to apply third-party machine learning models to their own video assets, including models built by the VisualCortex team and by our partners.

Our channel-based go-to-market strategy also means our clients enjoy a broad network of expertise to help guide their video intelligence projects – from implementation support to tagging services.

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