Vehicle Recognition

Detect, pinpoint and track specific vehicles in real-time.

Vehicle Recognition

Identifying vehicle attributes with computer vision

Often used in combination with automatic number plate recognition, AI-enabled vehicle recognition empowers you to identify other defining attributes of vehicles. Desired capabilities and associated machine learning models include recognizing and categorizing vehicles by type, make (sometimes referred to as ‘car cresting’) and color.

Popular use cases include:

Construction Video Analytics

Transit authorities and construction companies

Analyze the break-down of traffic volume by vehicle type to assess stress factors and plans for new and existing road projects.

Commercial estate Video Analytics

Shopping centers and car park management

Assess the types of vehicles that utilize parking facilities to enable real-time billing by vehicle size, inform future upgrade decisions and compare vehicles types against shopping or demographic data to reveal valuable correlations.

Law Enforcement Video Analytics

Security teams and law enforcement

Pinpoint and track specific vehicles in instances where the number plate is obscured.

*Disclaimer: Outcomes described and depicted are illustrative in nature. Learn more.

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