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Construction is an inherently high-risk, low-margin business. With hidden complexities, countless opportunities for safety mishaps and a lack of visibility regarding on-the-ground operations, it’s ripe for optimization with video analytics. Use AI and machine learning to transform your video feeds into automated intelligence gathering assets.

Programmatically detect and act on unsafe work practices, near-misses and potential hazards. Automate surveillance, detect and deter suspicious activity, theft and vandalism. Enhance project profitability by optimizing site layouts and traffic flow, workforce utilization and rostering, equipment hire and construction schedules.

Improve Workplace Safety & Compliance

Keep workers safe, finish projects on time and reduce liability. Video analytics can detect unsafe work practices or compliance violations – such as missing hard hats, safety rails and harnesses – and warn site supervisors in real-time. Use motion analysis to pinpoint dangerous behaviors, including smoking, poor ladder climbing practices, and walking through sites while on the phone. Detect vehicular incidents too, including near misses and traveling in the wrong direction. Apply vehicle recognition and face analysis capabilities to automate site accessible and prevent unauthorized entry. Analyze safety and non-compliance events over time to reveal trends, discern how to amend protocols and policies to reduce the likelihood of future incidents, and determine the types of additional training that might be required.

Real-time incident Response

Automatically detect and alert operators to safety issues or violations in real-time, and trigger emergency shutdown protocols if required. Identify missing personal protective equipment, falling objects, and proximity breaches where workers get too close to moving vehicles, active machinery or areas under load. Detect and act on hazards too – from smoke, fire and spills, to explosions, collapses and uncovered holes. Even use posture, motion and dwell-time analysis to detect injured workers and spark real-time alerts so that you can help them fast.

Automate Security & Surveillance

Manual methods of surveillance can’t catch and record all incidents of interest. And, with large quantities of valuable tools, equipment and supplies on-hand, construction sites are ideal targets for criminal activity. So forget the old-school approach and let video analytics technology deter and prevent theft, vandalism and sabotage for you. Programmatically monitor all your video feeds and automatically detect crimes-in-progress or suspicious behavior, such as loitering (people), idling (vehicles) and camera tampering. Identify and track perimeter breaches, unauthorized people entering restricted zones and more. Then, trigger security protocols and notify security personnel in real-time.

Optimize Operations

The construction industry operates on thin margins at the best of times. Badly managed sites and poorly coordinated projects destroy profits. Leverage video analytics to conduct deeper, more accurate productivity analysis, forecast and manage resourcing, and enhance project profitability. Hire equipment at optimal times, and match construction schedules with workforce rostering, to drive peak utilization across the board. Track foot and vehicle traffic flow around site with counts, heat maps and density analysis to optimize layout, maximize available working area, and remove bottlenecks so that efficiency remains high. Undertake granular performance analysis to streamline individual processes: Match dump truck queueing practices against available excavator capacity to optimize efficiency. And, analyze trends over time, from multiple video streams and sources, to discover more productive, profitable and safer ways to manage construction over the long haul.

Enhance COVID Safety

More than most industries, construction involves the continuous movement of people between different locations and teams – often working in close proximity and interacting under confined conditions. Avoid fines and ensure worksites remain open by using video analytics to comply with COVID-safe requirements. Monitor compliance with physical distancing guidelines and mask mandats. Track density and capacity limits. Ensure deep cleaning protocols are followed. Support thorough and efficient contact tracing.

*Disclaimer: Outcomes described and depicted are illustrative in nature. Learn more.

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