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Some of the most important experiences in commercial aviation happen on the ground. Leverage computer vision to enhance airport operations and passenger interactions before take-off and after landing.

Programmatically monitor terminals to keep commuters safe, respond to incidents fast, and streamline security practices. Balance thorough surveillance with outstanding customer experiences. Analyze passenger movements and interactions to deliver more of the quality shopping, dining and travel services they want. Bring digital intelligence to your physical spaces with airport video analytics.

Enhance Safety & Security

Deliver proactive 24-7 security monitoring with computer vision. Define incidents and events of interest, then programmatically notify security and operations staff on-the-ground who can respond in real-time. Take action fast with trigger-based alerts: Pinpoint specific people-based actions or behaviors – such as slips and falls. Detect count or density-based issues, like overcrowding. Identify dwell-based incidents, like abandoned luggage or unexpected vehicles loitering in secure zones. Harness line crossing techniques to catch people entering restricted areas or breaching perimeter fencing. And, use zone analysis to safeguard ground crew from potential hazards or spot unexpected objects on runways. Conduct fast post-event investigations too: Quickly compile and search defined video events, over time, from across multiple streams (eg: persons entering Lounge A, wearing a blue shirt and wheeling a pink suitcase, between 1pm and 2pm).

Boost Customer Experience

Improve traveler satisfaction by tracking, analyzing and acting on visitor traffic data. Use counts, dwells and density analysis to proactively reduce terminal queuing, overcrowding and optimize the overall flow of foot traffic in real-time. Trigger alerts to increase staffing at security checkpoints or open-up additional service lanes. Apply vehicle detection, analysis and Automated License Plate Recognition (ALPR) to optimize parking, drop-off and pick-up experiences too: Automate ticketing processes to streamline entries and exits, track bay occupancies in real-time to optimize utilization, and open new public waiting areas to meet demand. Analyze vehicle and foot traffic data over time to reveal patterns that enable intelligent strategic decision-making. Understand terminal utilization by location, common navigation paths, or duration of checkpoint interactions. Reveal over- and under-utilized entrances, exits as well as when and where bottlenecks occur. Then, re-configure the layout of lounges and high-traffic areas to improve passenger flow. Outside, evaluate utilization rates and wait times for different types of transport – such as airport buses, trains, taxis and rideshare services – and optimize availability to meet demand.

Identify Revenue Opportunities

Ensure service accessibility for travelers, attract and retain ideal tenants, and reveal lucrative insights that boost your bottom line. Harness video-based footfall data to reveal trends in traffic flow, customer engagement and occupancy rates at specific locations and times throughout your terminals. High dwell-times and queue lengths at certain restaurants or retailers? Add similar vendors to meet demand. Or, share insights with existing tenants to demonstrate lease value and help them convert interest into sales by optimizing product placements, in-store offers and staff rosters. Capture and compare video-based demographic information with transaction history to better-understand customers and deliver hyper-targeted marketing campaigns. Update terminal layouts and more effectively position particular tenants to capitalize on visitor statistics. Even dynamically alter advertising displays based on fluctuations in real-time foot traffic, flight delays or gate changes. Embrace computer-vision-based ALPR to improve the profitability of your car parks: Eliminate leakage from inaccurate plate reads, automate manual processes, and reduce ongoing infrastructure costs. Increase the accuracy of plate reads with additional detection models (like vehicle type, manufacturer and color). Integrate vehicle attributes information with in-terminal insights to generate further data mining opportunities. And, use ALPR and vehicle analysis to help car hire vendors verify returns and recoup rental fees.

Optimize Operations

Drive greater efficiency and reliability for passengers, operations and security teams alike. Programmatically monitor foot traffic leading to restrooms and dining areas, then set visitor threshold alerts, which trigger cleaning requests to janitorial staff. Set maximum queuing limits that notify security staff when it’s time to open additional lanes at checkpoints. Even facilitate predictive maintenance, informing operations teams when equipment – such as travelators and baggage carousels – reach time-based usage caps. Analyze video data over time to unearth impactful occupancy, traffic flow, crowd density and dwelling patterns or trends. Leverage those insights to facilitate evidence-based strategic decision-making that aligns with demonstrable demand – from terminal extensions, to car park upgrades.

Be COVID-safe

As major transit hubs, airports need to continue managing COVID spikes and other infectious diseases. Use computer vision to quickly and efficiently enforce COVID-safe protocols. Automatically scan crowds for face mask non-compliance, triggering alerts so that staff can intervene, during outbreaks and periods of heightened health restrictions. Monitor crowd density to identify areas of congestion and prompt airport authorities to disperse crowds to help maintain social distancing. Combine video analytics with other technology – such as thermal imaging cameras – to identify potentially infectious individuals and take preemptive action to prevent transmission. The amalgamation of computer vision with other capabilities enables airports to enhance COVID-safe practices and compliance.

*Disclaimer: Outcomes described and depicted are illustrative in nature. Learn more.

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