Law Enforcement Video Analytics

Better crime prevention, faster response and higher clearance rates.

Optimize policing outcomes

Enabling more effective law and order


Automatically detect and identify different objects, behaviors and actions, triggering real-time alerts that empower authorities to act fast. Improve response times, reduce the impacts of criminal activities, stretch resources further and even prevent crimes from occuring in the first place.

Improve Response Rates & Times

Manually scouring video feeds is inefficient and expensive. Humans don’t have the capacity to review all security footage available to law enforcement; let alone detect all incidents of interest. Change the game by embracing video analytics technology: Automatically identify incidents and anomalies – like theft or rapid motion detection, which could indicate an assault – to ensure crimes, dangerous and suspicious activity don’t go unnoticed. Instantly trigger alerts that notify authorities in real–time – and even integrate video-analytics-generated alerts into third-party operational systems and police response centers – empowering police to respond to incidents faster.

Track People More Efficiently & Effectively

Harness capabilities like object detection, motion analysis, people attribute analysis and number plate recognition to track persons of interest. Easily search across multiple cameras and video sources – from CCTV to dash cam footage – for suspects or victims, stolen vehicles, dangerous weapons and more. Spend less time searching for clues and more time following-up leads with video analytics.

Optimize Resource Utilization

Make better, faster decisions and save thousands of man-hours with VisualCortex video analytics. Forget manually trawling through video evidence: Automatically search for certain people, objects and incidents of interest – across multiple cameras, live streams and video repositories – with AI-driven video analysis capabilities. Whether solving crimes or preparing evidence for court, it’s an enormous time-saver. And, use video analytics capabilities – such as people counting, vehicle flow or foot traffic analysis – to quickly deploy policing resources where they’re most needed.

Help Prevent Crime

AI-driven video analysis also facilitates predictive analytics, which can be harnessed to prevent crime. Analyze live video streams to detect anomalies – such as sudden crowding, increase in foot traffic, or running – to prevent brawls and deescalate confrontations before they become assaults. And, drive smart policing over time: Identify high-crime areas, by automatically logging defined incidents and abnormal activities by location, and plan accordingly. Even integrate video analytics with other crime-fighting data points to unearth hidden correlations.

Identify Patterns Fast

Drive faster post-event investigations and better policing practices. Analyze historical footage to pinpoint common visual factors present in certain types of crimes. Then, search across multiple video sources in real-time to find suspects fast. Even forecast the likelihood of those crimes taking place in the future – where similar attributes are detectable at particular times and locations – and preemptively increase foot patrols. Even use machine learning techniques to compare crimes and generate similarity scores.

*Disclaimer: Outcomes described and depicted are illustrative in nature. Learn more.

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