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The more you see, the more you know

The road to better urban living is paved with data


We live in the most surveilled societies encountered throughout history. Estimates indicate that over one billion video cameras are actively positioned across the world’s cities and urban spaces. Imagine if you could turn those cameras from simple recording devices into intelligence-generating machines. With the VisualCortex video analytics platform, you can. Apply AI-smarts to any standard camera to uncover previously dormant insights. Make better data-driven decisions that optimize services, create safer and healthier communities, and help shake-off the shackles of COVID – all while protecting data privacy.

Optimize Essential Services

Run better services, at higher frequency and lower cost per user, with video analytics. Count vehicle and foot traffic volume, track flow and detect bottlenecks to understand utilization rates of public services. Then, optimize them to meet demand – from traffic management in busy road corridors, to public transport services (buses, trams and trains) and transit hubs. Monitor infrastructure usage over time to arrange optimal maintenance schedules and avoid break-downs. Facilitate better business too: Optimize supply chains by investing in key infrastructure – such as ports, rail and freight networks – based on reliable video-generated usage data. You can also drive more efficient industrial processes, such as automating the detection of waste material at recycling centers to increase capacity and reduce landfill. Even use HIPAA-compliant data from video cameras to optimize hospital operations. Enable your health network to provide better care to more patients.

Create Safer Communities

Analyze traffic flow to make roads and intersections safer, while reducing greenhouse gas emissions. Optimize traffic-light management and perform accident prediction analysis in real-time, triggering mitigating actions on-the-spot – such as lowering variable speed limits or opening additional lanes. And, keep major transport hubs – such as bus terminals, trans stations and airports – safe too. Automatically detect and track loitering, aggressive behavior as well as abandoned baggage or vehicles. Assist law enforcement and emergency services to prevent and respond to crimes, accidents and public safety threats. Use video analytics to help control crowds and public events by detecting overcrowding, estimating density and managing capacity limits. Programmatically search for objects, actions and people of interest across multiple cameras, sources and streams to thwart and solve crimes fast.

Support Data-driven Planning

Video analytics has the power to holistically and sustainably transform what living in urban areas means for residents – from optimizing garbage disposal services, to building new hospitals. Harness video-based insights to underpin data-rich, needs-based planning. Integrate AI-generated video data with third-party sources – such as Sensis, voter registration and project specific information – to map and respond to a municipality’s changing needs. Analyze things like driver behavior, traffic flow and volume to determine required infrastructure upgrades and rationalize which projects get the nod first: From new roads, to train services and airports. Apply the same type of scrutiny and video-based data to assess the usability and availability of lifestyle and recreational spaces when backing initiatives for more parks, bike tracks and lanes, changes to inner-city parking, or issuing permits for commercial / residential rezoning.

Enable COVID-safe Practices

Encouraging citizens and tourists back into our city’s and commercial sectors is paramount to revitalize businesses and stimulate the economy. Winning public trust, by demonstrating strong COVID-safe planning and tactics, is a key part of the recovery mission. Embrace video analytics to pinpoint compliance issues and help enforce widespread mask-wearing and social distancing rules. Monitor vehicle flow and foot traffic to avoid overcrowding in public spaces and help venues adhere to density limits. Help security and emergency services personnel monitor and carry out contact tracing efforts at public events. Analyze video intelligence from those events to understand participant numbers and compliance issues, helping to shape government policy, messaging and on-site crowd control tactics.

Protect Your Citizens’ Privacy

We understand this is important. Work with our experienced partner network and team of AI, video and data security experts to ensure your usage is transparent, ethical, protects individuals’ right to privacy, meets compliance standards and legislation. Approaches include conducting Privacy Impact Assessments, processing video data in-memory, using de-identification techniques (such as face obfuscation), as well as deploying access controls and encryption to prevent unauthorized access. Cities deploying video analytics solutions should also consider implementing end-to-end security protocols at the server, storage and application level to protect against unapproved data re-capture.

*Disclaimer: Outcomes described and depicted are illustrative in nature. Learn more.

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