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Use video analytics technology to help deliver a secure environment and optimize facilities for students, visitors and staff – from pre-k through to post-graduate. Programmatically monitor campuses to detect and act on incidents of overcrowding, vandalism, out-of-hours loitering or aggressive behavior, as well as unexpected hazards (such as fire and flood). Automatically search footage from multiple sources to aid post-event investigations for things like on-campus assaults, theft or traffic accidents.

Assess asset utilization and analyze foot traffic to improve existing amenities and facilities. Interpret aggregated metrics over time to help decide the location and type of new infrastructure projects and services.

Enable Proactive 24/7 Monitoring

Keep staff, students and on-site assets safe by ensuring nothing important goes unnoticed. Automatically identify, log and track objects or actions of interest and trigger automated communications that empower security teams to act. Catch out-of-hours movement (intrusion), loitering, break-ins and vandalism with motion detection and pinpoint potential suspects with facial analysis and number plate recognition. Even learn from past security incidents by unearthing patterns and making subsequent improvements, such as increasing security patrols or lighting in certain campus locations. Maintain superior situational awareness so that your operational teams can better-manage large events in real-time – such as conferences, athletic competitions or graduation ceremonies – and can respond to incidents and emergencies quickly. Analyze and act on overcrowding, queueing for facilities, severe congestion in the car park, as well as unexpected hazards – such as fire and flood.

Facilitate Fast Investigations

Facilitate swift post-event Investigations. Easily search across multiple video streams and sources – from CCTV to in-vehicle footage from campus bus services. Instantly detect particular objects and actions, including vehicles (automatic number plate recognition), behavior analysis, direction of travel and more. Assist security guards, emergency services and law enforcement to identify scenes of interest, gather evidence and conduct swift follow-up. From dormitory thefts and on-campus assaults, to traffic accidents and missing persons, embrace video analytics to resolve incidents fast.

Drive Data-based Planning

Aggregate historical data to identify patterns and trends that can facilitate better planning. Go beyond security needs: Utilize the same cameras to achieve multiple outcomes and optimize operational performance across campuses. Gather quantifiable data to improve campus traffic flow. Assess optimum locations for new infrastructure by analyzing usage data for existing facilities and assets – such as libraries, student service centers, car parks and eateries. Survey utilization and safety of car parks and transportation providers by type, stop and route. And review long-term occupancy trends to underpin on-campus accommodation planning.

Stretch Your Resources

Security teams are already stretched thin – it’s too hard to manually identify all incidents as they occur, and too time-consuming to manually search through vision as part of post-incident investigations. Reduce costs of surveillance systems, while covering a larger area of observation, with video analytics. Automatically monitor, log and track incidents across multiple cameras and locations from one central place. And easily scale your video analytics program fast: The VisualCortex Video Intelligence Platform is optimized for speed and can help analyze any number of video inputs, from any number of sources, using existing infrastructure and hardware – be it legacy IP or analog cameras. You can also easily integrate your video analytics outputs with other systems to produce deeper insights and new operational efficiencies.

Enhance COVID Safety

Reinvigorating the education sector as we navigate the post-vaccine COVID world, including facilitating a resumption of face-to-face learning and encouraging the return of international students, is critical. Demonstrating considered COVID-safe planning is central to that mission. Use video analytics to monitor and enforce social distancing, mask wearing and occupancy limits around campus, throughout dorms, lecture theaters, cafeterias and anywhere people congregate. And, bolster compliance with COVID reporting and contact tracing obligations.

*Disclaimer: Outcomes described and depicted are illustrative in nature. Learn more.

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