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Amidst a global pandemic and an increasingly digital world, where costs and revenue are easily pinpointed, commercial real estate are facing tougher barriers to success than ever before. Find a path forward with a video analytics platform that drives deeper customer insight and promotions analysis, enhanced shopper safety and security, superior resource utilization and leasing outcomes. See our Retail Video Analytics page for additional use cases and in-store optimization potential.

Deeper Customer Analysis

Track on-site customer demographics and behavior – including traffic patterns, heatmaps and dwell times by age group and gender. Then, pair that video intelligence with POS data and marketing analytics to generate unprecedented insights. Conduct real-time flow analysis of shoppers, understand and influence the physical customer journey, and optimize promotional efforts accordingly.

Better-manage Resources

Combine key in-center metrics, such as footfall, amenities usage and car park traffic with other data sets – such as weather, date and time – to predict peaks, troughs and optimize operations. From cleaning schedules and customer service rosters, to in-center promotions, preemptive asset maintenance and operating hours.

Enhance Safety & Security

Identify and monitor potential security or safety incidents in real-time, 24/7. Trigger automated alerts to reduce theft, break-ins, vandalism and deter unwanted activity within your parking lots. Analyze security trends to streamline costs, reduce liability and save on insurance premiums in the long-run. And, restore consumer confidence by keeping shoppers COVID-safe. Monitor mask compliance, prevent overcrowding, manage social distancing and more.

Maximize Property ROI

To drive leasing revenue, you need to maintain high occupancy rates and ensure your tenants are successful. Use video analytics to unearth shopping trends and cross-store correlations that help optimize vendor placements, leasing strategies and rental yield. Capture and report real-world video data to facilitate optimal center layouts and justify rental increases.

Optimize Campaigns

Pinpoint and scale successful promotional campaigns. Correlate digital marketing metrics – such as social media engagement and ad impressions – with key on-premise metics, such as average number of store visitors and average spend per center entry. Even share traffic flow analysis and other video-based visitation data with tenants, which helps them to optimize campaign profitability and you to boost leasing renewal rates.

*Disclaimer: Outcomes described and depicted are illustrative in nature. Learn more.

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