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Machine Learning Experts

Why ML pros love VisualCortex

VisualCortex is the Video Intelligence Platform that you’ve been wishing for. You’ve lobbied hard to convince management of the significant business value that computer vision represents. Or, maybe you’ve built some great models yourself and just need a platform to make them commercially deployable. Either way, you need a production-ready environment to run your models and solve real-world challenges – from counting traffic and real-time license plate recognition, to monitoring social distancing and customer wait times.

Machine Learning Experts

VisualCortex works with standard commodity hardware – so just plug and play. Don’t let your machine learning efforts go to waste. Use our platform to quickly stand-up your machine learning models and rapidly connect them to video assets to demonstrate real-world value fast. Easily run advanced analytics on your existing cameras and scale usage over time as your models deliver real business outcomes. Enjoy a governed environment that satisfies security, IT, management and standard operating procedures.

Unlike other video analytics platforms, VisualCortex provides the robust, scalable architecture you need, acting as the backbone of your computer vision initiatives. Dramatically simplify the lifecycle management of your computer vision solutions. And, work with our ecosystem of partners to get your models production-ready fast.

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