Manufacturing Video Analytics

Enhance your production processes.

Drive manufacturing safety, efficiency and profitability

From avoiding injury and minimizing wastage, to optimizing price per unit


Automatically detect potential issues or hazards on the production line or shop floor and trigger shutdown procedures to avoid injury. Enhance the flow of people, vehicles and goods around your warehouses and distribution centers to improve logistics, inventory management and supply chain efficiency.

Conduct assembly line analysis to optimize production, detect faulty products and the manufacturing processes that caused them. Track storage capacity as well as production and shipping volume to dynamically match supply with demand.

Optimize Production & Operations

Use exception reporting to detect and alert staff to production anomalies and potential disruptions – such as jammed conveyor belts – before they cause major delays. Assess historical data to perform robust assembly line analysis. Identify bottlenecks and implement enhancements to improve cycle time at each step of the production process. Even facilitate 24/7 automated – or lights-out – manufacturing: Automatically detect equipment breakdowns or product line malfunctions and instantly trigger alerts and corrective action. And all those resources you used to spend on manual monitoring? Gone.

Improve Logistics & Inventory Management

Track traffic flow around the warehouse floor, and optimize it in real-time, to avoid delays and collisions. Analyze traffic patterns over time to improve facility layout by removing obstacles or bottlenecks that decrease productivity. Use object counting, localization and motion analysis to monitor outgoing and incoming goods. Plug that data into picking machines to increase the efficiency of storage and inventory management. Even help prevent shrinkage by automatically counting the number of boxes at loading and offloading points. And, use that data to help calculate how fast products are moving throughout your supply chain to avoid stockouts, overstocking and paying for half-empty delivery trucks.

Predict Demand to Maximize Profits

Forecasting demand for your products is critical to avoid wastage, ensure fulfillment and customer satisfaction. Use video analytics to count and track manufacturing volume, storage and shipping to help dynamically match supply with demand. Optimize sale price per unit, operations and staffing levels. Use those collective insights to avoid under- or over-stocking and better-manage supply chain logistics.

Improve Safety & Security

Identity abnormalities on the assembly line – such as abandoned workstations, heavy machinery proximity breaches, or missing protective wear – and trigger alerts or auto-shutdowns to avoid injury. Reduce risk by detecting hazards – such as fire, smoke or chemical spills – and spark emergency procedures. Automatically spot and halt unexpected actions on the shop floor – such as applying wrong-way motion detection to avoid collisions between vehicles and people. Then, turn your attention to security: Programmatically protect your perimeter with AI-powered monitoring to detect out-of-hours movement. And, control facility access with facial analysis to mitigate theft.

Produce Better Products

Facilitate better quality assurance: Detect and alert staff to damaged or faulty equipment, which may impact volume or production quality. Identify that a box or product on the assembly line has been damaged or packaged incorrectly and remove the defective object from your supply chain. And, analyze detected defects over time to increase manufacturing accuracy by pinpointing and improving production flaws.

*Disclaimer: Outcomes described and depicted are illustrative in nature. Learn more.

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