Vehicle Counting

Automatically log and tally the
number of vehicles in your footage.

Vehicle Counting

Counting vehicles with computer vision

Vehicle counting is the process of detecting and logging the number of vehicles that enter a defined zone or cross a defined line. Vehicle counting can also include classification algorithms to distinguish and categorize different types of vehicles (truck, bus, bicycle, car). For more, see our Vehicle Search and Vehicle Recognition use case pages.

Automated vehicle counting using computer vision provides a scalable method of remotely conducting reliable traffic analysis in real-time. Popular applications include:

Commercial estate Video Analytics

Commercial retail & car park management

Track the number of vehicles that enter or exit a parking facility and count the number of vehicles in a defined area to manage occupancy limits.

Smart Cities Video Analytics

Smart Cities & associated initiatives

Track road usage over time to reduce policies that ease congestion, reduce emissions and improve traffic flow to improve commuter experience.

Security Video Analytics

Transport companies, projects and authorities

Monitor usage volume of particular roadways, trends based on time of day, and networks in different regions to help make better infrastructure planning decisions.

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