Government Video Analytics

Safeguard the public, government facilities and mitigate threats.

Transform your cameras into
intelligence-generating assets

Respond fast, investigate quickly and take preventative action


Use video analytics to perform automated monitoring, situation analysis and incident detection. Identify suspicious behavior and respond fast to potential threats with real-time alerts. From public spaces, to government events, assets and facilities, analyze footage from multiple video feeds to unearth insights that help prevent future incidents and keep us all safe.

Enable Real-time Response

When potential threats and hazards are identified, you need to act swiftly and accurately. Utilize video analytics to programmatically monitor, detect and log incidents. Run all feeds through one intelligence system, automate the detection and reporting of objects, to attain superior situational awareness and preparedness to act. Then, trigger alerts to enable computer-vision-aided dispatch of law enforcement and emergency services. Even integrate with third-party emergency systems to facilitate even faster responses on-the-ground. Instantly share relevant video footage with first responders, helping them react in real-time to threats against government assets, infrastructure, operations or public events – from airports, military sites, customs, courthouses, corrections facilities and speaking engagements.

Facilitate Fast Investigations

When incidents do occur – from riots to terrorist events, empower secuirty staff, police and agencies to follow-up fast. Forget manually trawling individual video streams frame-by-frame. Leverage AI-powered video analytics to instantly search multiple feeds, sources and camera types – from across government buildings, surrounds and public places. Immediately retrieve and compile event-specific video data – the people, vehicles, objects and behaviors of interest. Harness the power of trained machine learning models and edge computing to turn commodity hardware and existing infrastructure into automated intelligence generating assets.

Help Prevent Future Incidents

Learn from past incidents and prevent future ones: From vandalism to national security threats. Improve public safety and reduce liability. Apply new rules and learnings to analyze archived footage from a range of cameras and sources – from CCTV and IP cameras, to feeds from manned and unmanned vehicles – to discover new correlations. Even integrate and analyze video-based data against third-party data sets to unveil fresh insights.

Boost Building Security

Automate 24/7 monitoring, access control and response systems at high-risk sites and facilities. Detect, track and trigger alerts for suspicious or dangerous objects and actions in real-time: From attempted perimeter breaches or trespass in restricted zones; to loitering (person or vehicle), camera tampering and abandoned objects; vehicles speeding or traveling in unexpected directions; or sudden changes in traffic flow or volume (vehicle or foot). Keep your people, assets and buildings safe.

Enhance COVID Safety

Government departments, operations and personnel need to set the example and demonstrate best practice COVID mitigation strategies. Harness video analytics to help maintain social density and capacity limits, physical distancing and face mask mandates, and support timely contact tracing efforts. Your reputation matters and your actions influence public compliance. Boost both with intelligent AI-driven video solutions.

*Disclaimer: Outcomes described and depicted are illustrative in nature. Learn more.

Intelligently prevent and respond to incidents with video analytics

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