Car Park Management Video Analytics

Streamline operations, increase revenue.

Eliminate leakage and produce revenue-generating insights

Enhancing the profitability of your car parks


Whether you’re involved in legacy or new-age car park management, you can harness video analytics to modernize operations and create intelligent, actionable data about your operations and patrons. Connect your analogue business with the digital world.

VisualCortex helps car park operators eliminate revenue leakage, enhance safety measures and improve customer experiences. For owners, it’s all about streamlining operations, enhancing profitability and generating new data-based insights – valuable to both your own retail operations and third-parties.

Improve Customer Experience

Facilitate contactless car park management and automated billing to deliver ultra-smooth customer experiences. Reduce queues, wait times and congestion around entry and exit points with enhanced license plate recognition. Prevent log-jams during peak demand with traffic flow analysis. And, trigger automated parking recommendations based on available spots so that patrons can find free parks quicker. Even use vehicle type detection capabilities to direct specialist vehicles – such as electric cars and motorbikes – to purpose-built bays.

Do More with the Resources You Have

Reduce capital expenditure and operating costs with VisualCortex’s computer vision platform. Automate car park monitoring to minimize ongoing labor requirements. Harness advanced license plate recognition technology to eliminate the need for parking gates and ticketing machines, reducing hardware procurement and maintenance costs in the process. Capture more accurate bay utilization statistics, across both indoor and outdoor car parks, without having to install and maintain sensors. And, run advanced machine learning and generate deep video analytics without having to replace existing cameras. Also capture accurate usage statistics for car park assets in order to schedule preventative maintenance, which reduces break-downs and associated lost revenue.

Drive Safer, Leaner Operations

Eliminate clunky physical elements traditionally associated with commercial parking, including paper ticketing systems and parking barriers. Facilitate the remote management of multiple car parks from one central location. Automatically detect incidents, including collisions, spills, ice, smoke or fire and trigger real-time alerts to drive action. Do the same for potential hazards before they turn into incidents: Track vehicles that are speeding, traveling in the wrong direction, blocking loading docks or loitering in ‘no parking’ zones. Even detect weapons, stolen vehicles and confrontations before they escalate. Then, send trigger notifications to on-site security so that they can act fast.

Increase Revenue

Video analytics solutions can enhance car park revenue streams in a number of ways. Reduce revenue leakage by improving License Plate Recognition Accuracy Rates to ensure fewer vehicles exit without paying. Generate more accurate real-time occupancy statistics and blind spot analysis to maximize car park utilization rates. Recognize and automatically classify different vehicles by type to facilitate real-time fee calculations (eg: charge higher rates for larger vehicles). Even enable and enforce dynamic parking rates based on time-of-day and desirability of parking bay locations.

Integrated insights

Combine video-generated car park analytics with other data sources to produce fresh insights. Correlate Vehicle Profile Data – type (class), make and color – with historical parking data and in-center retail data to reveal visitation trends and purchase patterns by vehicle type. Analyze trends in car park occupancy by day and time to help predict future demand and anticipate footfall volume in adjacent retail spaces. Integrate car park video analytics with other systems, such as payment apps and customer loyalty programs, to facilitate increasingly personalized and incentivized shopping experiences.

*Disclaimer: Outcomes described and depicted are illustrative in nature. Learn more.

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