Loitering Analysis & Dwell Time Monitoring

From preventing crime,
to improving customer service.

Loitering Analysis & Dwell Time Monitoring

Conduct loitering analysis and dwell-time monitoring with computer vision

Automatically detect, monitor and analyze stationary vehicles, persons or objects and the amount of time spent in one place. Video analytics can be used to track loitering and dwell-time live, or, aggregate data to assess trends over time. Loitering analysis and dwell-time monitoring can be applied to analyze scheduled (public transport stops) and unscheduled (vehicle congestion on motorways) incidents across multiple locations.

Common uses include:

Security Video Analytics


Detect after-hours loitering (people) or idling (vehicles) to prevent suspicious behavior from transforming into costly and productivity-disrupting crimes, such as property damage and theft.

Ensure Safety and Compliance


Track vehicles that are blocking loading docks or loitering in ‘no parking’ zones and identify when people enter or stay in unsafe areas for too long – such as loitering in stairwells or leaning against railings on the edge of sharp drops.

Transport Video Analytics

Public transport

Measure commuter wait times and service deliver to optimize infrastructure usage and timetables in order to improve passenger experiences and streamline operating costs.

Stadium and Event Management Video Analytics

Event & venue management

Detect and alleviate excessive queuing and congestion to avoid bottlenecks, crowd crush situations and improve patron experience.

Video Analytics for Retail


Detect and remove supply chain bottlenecks – move more stock, in less time, with fewer trips.

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