Compliance and OH&S

Keep your workers safe and
your business running.

Compliance and OH&S

Why compliance and OH&S teams love VisualCortex

Like the human eye, video footage tells you so much more about operational activities than standard system outputs or sensor data ever could. By treating video as data you can trigger real-time actions and produce analytical insights to track trends over time. Keep your workers safe and your business running.

Compliance and OH&S
Automatically detect, monitor and act on safety incidents: Harness line-crossing and dwell-time analysis to identify when people enter or stay in unsafe areas for too long, use posture and motion analysis to detect injuries, or vehicles speeding, parking in unauthorized zones, or traveling in the wrong direction. Then, trigger alerts to security or emergency services to drive real-time action.
Instantly identify potential hazards and mitigate negative outcomes – from machine – human proximity breaches, to spillages, smoke and fire. Detect non-compliance events and track trends over time – from COVID-19 breaches and missing safety gear, to poor cleanliness standards and manual handling practices. Even model future threats to health and safety, predict outcomes, and implement processes to mitigate them before they ever happen.

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