Social Distance Monitoring

Lower transmission,
grow public confidence.

Monitor social distancing compliance with computer vision

Maintaining physical distance is one of the most basic things we can do to combat the spread of COVID-19. Use computer vision techniques to autonomously assess and track social distancing across your video feeds. This scalable, contactless approach empowers businesses, industry and government to automatically detect, control and protect density and occupancy limits.
Social Distance Monitoring
Measure and maintain social distancing in indoor and outdoor settings: Analyze person-to-person distancing in real-time, identify high-risk areas and settings, track movement trajectories and emerging bottlenecks to help take pre-emptive action.
Even log the rate of social distancing violations over time to produce heat maps and facilitate density monitoring that help identify trends, patterns and hotspots. Use that data to notify security personnel, cleaning staff, as well as redesign physical layouts and business processes to help reduce future transmission events.

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