People Search

Tracking people throughout footage
and across video sources.

People Search

Search for people using computer vision

Searching video content for specific people – known in computer vision terms as Person Re-identification (Person Re-ID) – is the process of matching individuals across multiple non-continuous camera views within a multi-feed environment. Person identification is another method of searching for people, where footage is scourged for people on a defined watch-list. Person Re-ID is significantly more complicated, as it is performed without an established identity catalog to compare individuals against.

Common computer vision use case for people search include:

Law Enforcement Video Analytics

Law enforcement

Police commonly use video search capabilities to find suspects as part of post-crime investigations.

Security Video Analytics


Airports, government facilities, sporting venues and other high-risk settings use video analytics to identify and deny access to certain individuals.

Hospitals and healthcare Video Analytics

Emergency services

Can leverage video search in an attempt to find vision of missing persons at last-known locations.

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