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Operations and Security personnel

Why operations and security teams love VisualCortex

We all know that data-based decisions are the best decisions. Operate your business more safely and efficiently than you thought possible with video analytics. Instantly detect any incidents-of-interest – from across any number of video streams and sources – and trigger immediate follow-up actions. Immediate detection enables your security team to focus attention on the area or objects of concern and instantly act as required. For example, an on-duty security guard can be alerted to focus on security screen 12 (of the 40 in front of them) to monitor a potential crime-in-progress and respond swiftly if needed.
Operations & Security
Operationally, this could mean optimizing cleaning schedules, staffing rosters and service delivery based on real-time usage data. When it comes to surveillance, pinpoint and act on any events-of-interest as they happen – from perimeter breaches and suspicious dwelling, to vandalism and brewing violence. Then, aggregate and analyze these specific incidents over time to identify trends and underpin future planning.

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