ISO 27001 Certified

Because securely managing
video assets and data matters.

ISO 27001 Certified

VisualCortex is ISO 27001 Certified

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For more information on ISO 27001 and our certification partner Compass Assurance Services, go here.
A copy of VisualCortex’s ISO 27001 Certificate of Registration can be found below.

ISO 27001 Certificate of Registration

Security and Privacy in the Age of Computer Vision

At VisualCortex, we believe in privacy by design. That means the code in our platform, the data we handle, as well as the tools and processes we use to run our business, all need to ensure security and maintain confidentiality wherever possible.

ISO 27001 certification is a globally recognized standard that verifies we meet the highest levels of information security management and maintain a robust framework for proactively identifying and mitigating related risks.

Through ISO 27001 compliance, our clients and partners are assured that our solutions, people and business practices preserve the confidentiality, integrity and availability of information at all times. At VisualCortex, we believe that applying these concepts to our core business – the use of machine learning to extract meaningful insights from video footage – is of the upmost importance. We exist to help produce actionable analytics about the physical world; not compromise people’s right to privacy and organizations’ responsibility to protect it.

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