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Mining operations are vast, function around-the-clock, and rely on many moving puzzle pieces to work in harmony. These factors mean video analytics technology is exceptionally well-placed to enhance security, safety and productivity throughout the mining sector and across its breadth of practices and processes.

Automatically monitor multiple security feeds to identify incidents or hazards and trigger immediate real-world responses. Programmatically detect safety breaches, near-misses and accidents to reduce the chance of injury, downtime and mitigate future risks. Analyze footfall, traffic flow and facility usage over time to pinpoint trends and opportunities for greater efficiency. Even integrate video-generated data into third-party applications and reports to unearth fresh, valuable insights.

Streamline Your Operations

With operations of scale, there’s almost always room for improvements, with small enhancements making a big difference to the bottom line. Take advantage of video analytics to analyze and optimize the flow of remote vehicles throughout a mine. Also map the movement of staff to detect inefficient or unsafe footfall patterns throughout a facility. Monitor equipment and asset utilization over time to detect opportunities for optimization and predictive maintenance to reduce costly downtime. Use facial analysis to automate access control for authorized staff and vehicles. Assist post-incident investigations, by automatically searching across huge volumes of video content, to reduce liability and settle claims fast.

Efficiently Manage Security

Mining sites are massive – so manual surveillance is costly and far from fail-safe. Apply video analytics to your feeds and get a complete, live picture of all your sites for the first time. Combine and programmatically monitor any number of video feeds from one location – anywhere, anytime. Automatically identify security breaches, damage to equipment or violations of safety regulations. Protect potentially hazardous working areas by counting the number of people or objects that enter a defined zone (and ensure the same number leave). Prevent vandalism, theft and unauthorized site access too: Use loitering and dwell-time detection to pinpoint people or vehicles remaining in defined zones longer than expected. Implement ‘line crossing’ detection to trigger alerts when your perimeter is breached after hours and track objects, people and vehicles across multiple cameras throughout your sites.

Drive Real-time Alerts & Action

Automatically alert mine operators about dangerous or suspicious actions and objects. Instantly identify sudden movements and hazardous events – such as fire, smoke, rockfalls, dust clouds, collisions or explosions – and trigger protocols to protect workers and nearby local communities in real-time. Instigate emergency warnings when workers fail to wear protective equipment, get too close to active machinery or breach safety protocols for dangerous tasks – such as hazardous waste handling. Use intrusion-based alerts to automatically notify security when people enter protected zones – from unauthorized perimeter breaches, to workers entering active mining areas.

Improve Site Safety & Compliance

Given the scale of mining operations, and the sheer size of the machines used, the consequences of accidents are magnified – both in terms of worker wellbeing and equipment failures that result in millions of dollars of downtime. Immediately identify and report breaches in safety regulations and protocols with video analytics: Detect when objects, people or vehicles are in restricted areas at certain times, dwelling for too long, or traveling in unexpected directions – such as entering through an exit door or loitering too close to mining trucks and heavy machinery. Alert monitoring teams when high-value objects are removed from specified areas – such as hazardous chemicals from protected zones. Or, when potentially dangerous objects – such as combustible materials, like fuel, hazardous waste or chemicals – are abandoned or left unattended near critical infrastructure.

Integrated Insights & Operations

The VisualCortex platform empowers you to create data-based insights about your video assets using your existing hardware and feeds – from IP cameras to drone footage, vehicle dash cams, CCTV and more. Connecting that intelligence to third-party systems and data sources reveals a swathe of valuable correlations and capabilities. Integrate with other operational systems – such as those that control door stations and announcement systems – to help manage and notify staff about potentially dangerous working conditions or overcrowding in certain areas. Or, combine AI-driven video insights with low-visibility camera technology to analyze air quality and trigger alerts when particle counts fall outside quality thresholds.

*Disclaimer: Outcomes described and depicted are illustrative in nature. Learn more.

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