Why VisualCortex?

Connecting computer vision’s
potential to real-world
business outcomes

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Never miss a thing

Detect, track and act on the
objects and actions that matter

Instantly pinpoint, monitor and generate analyzable data about specific objects, people, vehicles and movements. Define, identify and log the attributes and incidents that matter to your organization – from people of a certain gender or age profile waiting in a queue for a particular period of time, to specific vehicles traveling in a particular direction in a defined zone. Trigger real-time alerts (like emails, SMS, in-platform notifications), or automatically push captured video data into third-party apps and databases, to drive real-world action. And, analyze trends over time with reports, dashboards and simple integrations for your favorite analytics tools.

Object Detection
Video Intelligence Platform

Experience the power of a platform

Any type of video, number of sources, use case, or industry

It’s true. The computer vision ecosystem is a busy space. Lots of smart people have developed lots of good machine learning models. But, consistent challenges have dented progress.

Point solutions are unable to address new video analytics use cases when they emerge, aren’t collaborative, and make it hard to access your data. Deploying models in production environments remains difficult and lacks governance. Applying solutions to commercially meaningful challenges is persistently problematic – especially if they’re treated like an IT hobby project.

VisualCortex’s Video Intelligence Platform removes those barriers and provides a central point of control for all your computer vision needs – no matter the nature of your business, hardware or video content.

Harness models from multiple sources

Out-of-the-box. Third-party. BYO.

We know that building efficient and accurate computer vision models is hard work. That’s why our machine learning experts design and train models for clients and partners to use.

The VisualCortex Model Store also provides a marketplace for third-parties to share and support models-as-a-service. Or, build and train your proprietary models – for your exclusive usage – on the VisualCortex platform.

Harness models from multiple sources
Enrich your video insights with other data

Enrich existing business data with video insights

Treat your video as data; unleash its potential

Apply ML models to your video footage and harvest the AI-generated data for analysis. Easily push those data-based insights to your data warehouse, analysis tool or data platform of choice – from BigQuery and Redshift; to Snowflake and Databricks. Extend your traditional data sources and unleash new insights by tapping into video-sourced data elements.

Harness our native integrations and APIs to seamlessly combine your video data with other sources. Facilitate unprecedentedly insightful reporting and analytics. Access, enrich, learn from and act on, your video data with VisualCortex.

Real-world events, real-time action

Immediate insights and automated alerts

Automate the manual efforts typically required to derive actionable insights from visual computing. Not only can you now integrate video-based data into your reporting mix, you can immediately generate and act-on intelligent information – from automated event and object detection; to real-time incident reporting and alerts.

Instantly trigger dashboard notifications, email, SMS or other automations when event detection parameters are met. Even push data generated in VisualCortex to your operational apps and systems in real-time. From OH&S hazards to security breaches or automated car park management, take appropriate action based on both digital and physical events throughout the enterprise.

Real time action
Democratize your video data insights

Democratize your video-based insights

Video analytics isn’t just for the data scientist

Unleashing the power of video across the enterprise closes the gap between impractical technical concepts and business-ready solutions.

An extensible platform, scalable usage, and enabling multiple use cases from the same commodity hardware are all critical factors. But, making AI-driven insights accessible and consumable by broader audiences – not just the boffins with bowties – is the missing link that drives action and business value.

VisualCortex makes it practical and simple for IT, business analysts and operational teams to build, run and manage machine learning models. Integrate AI-generated insights with other data sources and systems, then share those insights in operational apps and dashboards for people to act on.

Deploy fast

Quick and painless roll-out options

Whether deploying on the edge or in the cloud, implementation is quick and easy. Forget costly projects and expensive hardware: Use your existing cameras, infrastructure and let us take care of all the AI smarts. Set-up and run the VisualCortex Installer to enjoy automated updates and low maintenance requirements for your environment. Connect to any number of video streams, real-time or archival footage, as well as third-party VMS and NVRs. Then apply your own machine learning models, or tap into the wealth of existing models in the VisualCortex Model Store, to generate all the data-based insights you want from your video.

As a highly scalable platform, it’s easy to add and configure any number of cameras, sites, edge devices, users, integrations and workloads. And, as you enrich and analyze more video data over time, it’s easy to keep control of your environment with real-time usage metrics to monitor users, models and data volume. Granular configuration options also ensure a high level of data security and privacy for your VisualCortex environment.

Tortoise and Hare
Keep control over your data

Keep control over your data

Your data belongs to you

Protecting your data and IP is critical. That’s why we have enterprise level security protocols and infrastructure for processing and maintaining the anonymity of your data – whether on-premise or in a secure cloud environment.

We’ll never expose or share your data. Our platform helps run your computer vision models, produces intelligent outputs from your video content, and then helps you act on the insights derived as you would with any other data. That’s it.

Unlike some other data platforms, VisualCortex acts as the backbone of your computer vision efforts without ever having to house the data itself. You always maintain control and ownership of your data. Our range of integrations and select third-party APIs make it simple to pipe your AI-driven outputs wherever you want them – your data warehouses, lakes, operational data stores – anywhere.

Ethical AI

Because trust matters

By default, VisualCortex does not process, store or utilize personal biometric features such as facial recognition, gait recognition and voice fingerprints, which infer information about individuals.

Clients’ and Partners’ use of VisualCortex must pass an ethics principle review and comply with local regulatory requirements.

We have an organizational process and framework for systematically identifying and mitigating ethical risks associated with operationalizing AI-driven video data.

Ethical AI

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