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According to the International Labour Organization, more than 340 million occupational accidents occur each year globally (2020). The cost of those workplace injuries and damage totals USD$2,680 billion. Partner with VisualCortex and join us in the push towards zero workplace accidents.

Generate data from your video feeds to help reduce the likelihood of workplace accidents now and in the future. Act quickly to minimize the impacts of incidents in real-time, better protect your assets and reduce downtime. Analyze trends over time to improve equipment maintenance, safety adherence and procedures.

Keep Your Workers Safe

Never let a dangerous event go undetected again. Automatically detect, log and notify workers about incidents or near-misses in real-time with video analytics. Use AI to identify and surveil the objects, actions, work zones, people and vehicles that require monitoring. For example, programmatically track distance between employees and active machines to maintain safety. If proximity boundaries are breached, trigger alerts to prevent or contain accidents. Or, use line-crossing tiggers to notify forklift operators if they stray into pedestrian zones. Leverage dwell-time and motion analysis to detect loitering in restricted areas, or vehicles speeding, parking in unauthorized zones, or traveling in the wrong direction. Also detect, track and trigger alarms for abnormal or unexpected actions, such as people running, falling or crawling (which may indicate injury). And, instantly detect hazards – like smoke, fire and chemical spills – trigger warnings, and share information with clean-up crews, emergency systems and services.

Prevent Future Incidents

Humans can’t manually detect and learn from all incidents captured on video. But Machine Learning can go close. Review previously untapped video data thanks to AI-powered video analytics: Model future threats to health or safety, predict outcomes, and implement processes to mitigate them before they ever happen. Log and map near-misses when they occur so that trends can be identified and decisions made to curtail future risk. Identify opportunities for additional training, process changes and messaging campaigns to further reduce the likelihood of future incidents. Also track equipment and machinery usage to enable preventative maintenance. There are real-time applications too: Detect fallen or abandoned objects, such as items blocking clearways, and active warnings to prevent accidents or injury.

Reduce Costs & Liability

Enforcing good safety habits keeps workers healthy and avoids the costs associated with injuries and operational downtime. Ensure nothing goes undetected and unreported: Connect your video streams and sources to VisualCortex’s Video Intelligence Platform to automate incident detection and response. Reduce risk of liability, insurance premiums, and the manual resources required to monitor OH&S concerns. Analyze processes and procedures to determine where improvements could be made and efficiencies found (eg, loading dock protocols). And identify the best times to clean to avoid distributions and mitigate potential for falls as a result of freshly-cleaned surfaces.

Boost & Verify Compliance

Enforce and review compliance in the workplace with video analytics. Analyze live footage and trigger warnings if protocols aren’t followed: From using handrails, donning protective gear, wearing harnesses on multi-level sites, or operating machines without safety guards. Also review historical footage for non-compliance incidents and take corrective action. Examples include running in dangerous areas, parking in restricted zones (loading docks, etc), and more material handling practices. You can also use exception alerts to pinpoint missing objects, such as safety signs, fire extinguishers, high-visibility vests, or the absence of refrigeration units on trucks delivering perishable goods.

Be COVID-safe & Compliant

Keep operations flowing by tracking compliance with COVID mandates. Harness real-time data to make immediate changes in order to maintain social distancing, mask wearing and continuously comply with density and occupancy limits. Capture and track data over time to ensure deep cleaning requirements and contact tracing obligations are met. Even integrate video analytics capabilities with third-party technology – such as thermal imaging systems – to detect and report feverish employees.

*Disclaimer: Outcomes described and depicted are illustrative in nature. Learn more.

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