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Automatically obscure faces in video footage. Protect individual privacy, reduce your organization’s liability risk.

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Supported: Windows 10+ or MacOS 12+ (Intel Chip & Apple Silicon)

Use the footage you need with confidence

Discover how with VisualCortex’s AI-powered face blur app

In today’s video-saturated age, organizations of all types need to analyze and share footage for surveillance, legal and commercial purposes. But, how can you harness the insights within video footage without compromising peoples’ right to privacy?

The VisualCortex Face Blur App empowers you to generate and act on intelligent insights from video footage, while helping safeguard anonymity and meet your legal obligations.

Our AI-powered app processes video quickly, programmatically obscuring people’s faces detected in image frames. No matter your organization’s video needs, the VisualCortex Face Blur App can help protect privacy and reduce liability risk:

From reviewing OH&S incidents, providing evidence for legal proceedings, or conducting security and police investigations; to analyzing people counts and behaviors to improve services and experiences in retail environments, transport hubs, public spaces and more.

Three steps to success

Using the VisualCortex Face Blur App is as easy as 1, 2, 3

Video Synopsis & Personalization

Select your footage

Drag your chosen video file onto the processing canvas. Based on the ffmpeg standard, the app works with all common file formats.
Processing Accuracy

Choose processing accuracy

The free version comes with VisualCortex’s nano face blur engine, which processes footage super-fast. For enterprise grade accuracy, designed for commercial use, contact us about the paid version of our app.

Ethical facial Recognition

Enjoy AI-powered face blurring

The face-blurred version of the video will automatically appear in your downloads folder when processing is complete. The extension ‘.faceblur’ will be added to the end of the file name.

Why VisualCortex?

A video analytics provider, passionate about privacy by design

Video is today’s biggest data-mining opportunity. Up until now, efficiently generating reliable insights – which solve real-world commercial challenges at scale – has been all-too-hard.

VisualCortex’s Video Intelligence Platform is making video data actionable throughout the enterprise:

Our platform provides the stability and scalability to productionize Computer Vision technology. Unlike
camera-side or point solutions, VisualCortex can be used for any Video Analytics use case in any
industry. VisualCortex’s production-ready cloud-based environment transforms video assets into
analyzable streams of data at scale.

The VisualCortex platform delivers the Artificial Intelligence (AI) smarts, governance and usability,
enabling organizations to connect any number of video streams, repositories and use existing
commodity hardware.

The VisualCortex Model Store also provides a secure marketplace for customers, partners and independent ML experts to share quality controlled Computer Vision models.

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