Vehicle Counting Solution

Automatically log, tally and analyze
vehicle numbers with video analytics.

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Accuracy you can count on

Your scalable solution for remotely conducting reliable traffic analysis

Harness the latest in computer vision technology; without having to be a developer or data scientist. Effortlessly detect and track the number of vehicles crossing defined lines, moving within, entering or exiting specific zones. Produce insights across any number or type of cameras, any number of sites or volume of video repositories.

Unlike physical alternatives or inflexible server-side tech, VisualCortex is a cloud-based solution that has the scalability to grow with you. Enjoy simple online deployment; fast and trustworthy results; superior ROI.

VisualCortex is suited to a broad range of vehicle counting objectives, including government, transport, car park, logistics, engineering, urban planning and traffic management use cases.

If you need to measure and monitor vehicle volume, and analyze traffic trends, we can deliver the outcomes you need: From improving traffic flow and commuter experience on existing networks, to making smart infrastructure planning decisions and transport service investments, or managing car park occupancy limits and usage trends.

Features and capabilities

Behaviors we empower you to detect, track and analyze

Reports and Dashboards

Insightful traffic analytics

Conduct insightful analysis with out-of-the-box dashboards – from directional counts and traffic flow analysis, to vehicle segmentation by lane and class (car, truck, bus, bike, train). After all, it’s not the ability to count vehicles that matters: It’s how you assess and act on the intelligence generated.
Democratize your video data insights

Powerful, shareable data streams

You can also harness the metadata produced from vehicle detections and pipe it into third-party analytics tools. Combine your video-based data with your enterprise reporting to create powerful integrated insights.
line crossing

Line crossing

Set a line at any point within your video’s field-of-view to generate accurate automated counts. Add additional sites and sources with a click of a button, place the line, then set and forget.
Low Barrier to Entry

Entries and exits

Define entry and exit points to detect and track traffic volume within certain areas and between sites: From managing car mark utilization, to determining highway access points.
Directional Count

Directional counts

Combine basic line crossing and entry / exit data with directional counts to reveal traffic patterns. Understand how roadways are used to reveal potential bottlenecks and opportunities for improvement.
Transport Video Analytics

Class segmentation

Identifying the type of usage, as well as the volume, is important to understand how roadways and the facilities they serve are used. With class segmentation, you can produce segmented analysis of vehicle numbers by type (car, truck, bus, bike, train).
Vehicle Counting

Lane segmentation

Filter vehicle detections by lane to produce granular data about road usage and incidents. Are designated bus lanes used appropriately? Do certain lanes produce more accidents or suffer from more frequent congestion?
Vehicle Recognition

Vehicle feature
recognition and analysis

Combine basic counts and class segmentation with deeper attribute recognition, including vehicle color and manufacturer. Build-up a sophisticated profile of road users. Even combine with Automated License Plate Recognition to help pinpoint specific vehicles.
Traffic Flow Optimization

Traffic flow analysis

Combine the above measures to compile a detailed profile of road usage and movement over time.

Differentiators and benefits

How VisualCortex delivers more than the competition

Centralized video asset management

Any type of camera or video stream

VisualCortex turns your standard cameras, video streams and repositories into insight-producing assets. Just ensure your cameras and VMS outputs an RTSP, MJPG or HLS stream. We also support ONVIF.

Multiple Cameras and streams

There’s no job too big for VisualCortex

Run our vehicle counting solution across any number of cameras, streams and sites. By harnessing the latest cloud infrastructure and edge workloads, VisualCortex delivers near limitless scalability.

Real time action

Real-time or offline processing

Many competitors only do offline video processing – not us. Whether you’re interested in up-to-the-moment counts or analysis over time, VisualCortex produces the video-based insights you want – whenever you need them.
Hardware installs

No extra installs required

Some solutions require custom hardware installs, specific cameras and additional devices or sensors. Not VisualCortex. Just connect your video and start producing insights.

Securely deploy anywhere, fast

Your cloud, our cloud, on-premise, or hybrid – the choice is yours. Deploy VisualCortex however you need to suit your infrastructure set-up, security, budget and use case requirements.
Model as a Service

We keep our models fresh

Video analytics solutions are only as good as the machine learning (ML) models that underpin them. We have an entire R&D team dedicated to training and re-training our ML models. Experience market-leading accuracy and efficiency with our proprietary ML models, available via the VisualCortex Model Store
Same camera multiple use cases

We’re not a costly point solution

Don’t pay for, and attempt to manage, different tools for each of your video analytics projects. Use VisualCortex’s Video Intelligence Platform to deploy and manage multiple AI-powered video recognition initiatives

But wait, there’s more…

Other reasons to trust VisualCortex with your vehicle counting needs

License plate recognition

Licence Plate Recognition

Combine our Vehicle Detection and Counting Solution with our License Plate Recognition (LPR) Solution to generate an additional layer of insight.

People Counting

People Counting Solution

Understand people traffic, as well as vehicle counts, and how the two interact. And, do it without the need for specialized cameras or individual tracking devices.

Same camera multiple use cases

One platform, many use cases

WIth VisualCortex, easily configure your existing cameras to detect and produce advanced analytics about multiple events and incidents – from dwell-time monitoring to slip and fall detection. Manage all your video analytics initiatives in one, secure platform.

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